The HAR 'preserve log' option is not preserving the HAR data.

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Farooq Rahman

May 29, 2024, 9:56:29 AMMay 29
to Chromium-dev
I am dumping the HAR data using the API with the preference network_log.preserve-log: true. I am dumping the HAR data for every onClick and page load event.
So basically for every dump I am capturing the HAR data right from the start to the present state with the option preserve-log.

Recently I updated my Chrome to version 125.0.6422.112 and Chromedriver to version 125.0.6422.78
After this update, when I am dumping the HAR data, I cannot get the HAR of previous pages. During the HAR dump I am having HAR data of the current page.

Has anything changed in the preserve-log option from this new version? or this is a regression?


Farooq Rahman

Jun 11, 2024, 6:12:20 PMJun 11
to Chromium-dev, Farooq Rahman
I have the solution for this problem, sharing it here so that anyone facing the issue can refer to the answer here.
I don't know from which version of Chrome this change happened but I found that from 125.0.6422.78 version the preference network_log.preserve-log changed to preference network-log.preserve-log. They replaced '_' with '-' in network-log.
After making the change the functionality is working fine.

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