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Parisa Tabriz

Feb 14, 2024, 10:09:19 PMFeb 14
to Jason Kersey, Chromium-dev, parisa-staff, PEEPs-All, John Maletis, Hiroshi Lockheimer
Roses are red,
Violets are blue;
All the bugs have been migrated over,
Because of you! 🌹🐜💘

Thank you & congrats to PEEPS, Core, and so many people across Chrome* for navigating complexity, constraints, underlying system differences, and all types of change over the past few years to work together and get to this major milestone! I know it's been a journey (and teams are continuing to work on issues and/or feature requests), but I'm super proud of this migration milestone and how this will ultimately make tracking issues more seamless and easy as we collaborate with teams across Google and bring the benefits of Buganizer's ecosystem of tools to our teams. 👏🙏


On Wed, Feb 7, 2024 at 3:47 PM Jason Kersey <> wrote:

Hey folks,

Over the last 15 years, we (Chrome TPMs, Chrome Infrastructure, Chrome Operations, and now PEEPs) have been debating how to navigate the world of open source, and how it intersects with Google in a variety of ways, but most importantly: bugs. We’ve spent considerable time working through what to do as Google moved away from our original Open Source home in CodeSite more than a decade ago, and it’s been an open question ever since.

We had a number of ideas, solutions, hopes, and dreams, but always had critical blockers to the ideal solution - Chrome and Google bugs in one place, with a flexible, compatible, and single interface for Googlers and Open Source contributors alike.

February 28 marks the 3 year anniversary of us drafting a joint agreement with the Core PA to finally solve our dilemma once and for all, and work together to get Buganizer to a place where it could equally meet the needs of both Google and Chrome/Chromium, and I’m incredibly excited to say that as of this week, we’ve arrived - and we got here early!

I could not be more proud of the care, thought, and energy the team has put into achieving this amazing milestone. I am so excited for both the folks on Chrome and ChromeOS, as well as the open source communities working on Chromium to get to fully experience all of the careful planning and thought the joint teams have put into launching a high quality service that meets the needs of all users.

Thank you to everyone in the Buganizer WG, Shared Infrastructure, TPgM and EngProd teams for helping to successfully land the migration. A huge thank you to the folks in CoreDev for their partnership and openness to collaboration with us to deliver a high quality service for all of Google’s users.

Again, thank you, for almost 3 years of hard work, and a smooth landing, you all rock!


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From: Joe Gregorio <>
Date: Wed, Feb 7, 2024 at 3:37 PM
Subject: Chromium to Buganizer migration complete!

Hi everyone,

We are thrilled to share that the Chromium migration to Buganizer was completed over the weekend! This has been a multi-year effort to reduce dual-tracker pains and enable Chrome to take advantage of the rich and rapidly advancing ecosystem of Google workflow tools. 

A massive thank you to everyone you contributed to the validation windows and helped make this happen.

In particular, a big thank you to the team behind this work!

  • TLs: Benjamin Carr, Tiffany Zhang, Sverre Rabbelier, Blake Blassett, Satoshi Shirasuna, Ravi Mistry

  • Eng: Blake Blassett, Daniel Reiter, Jordan Pottruff, Jun Jiang, Kevin Ruvalcaba, Mahima Chhalani, Micah Bales, Nicholas Ruhland, Ravi Mistry, Richard Collett, Satoshi Shirasuna, Sverre Rabbelier, Scott Lee, Junhua Chen, Nathan Scoglio, Wenbin Zhang, Weilun Shi

  • T/PgM: Summer McDonald, Alex Mineer, Julia Grebenstein, Pooja Verma, Marc Schreuder, Normando Rosas, Rakshit Sharma

  • Comms: Amy Ressler, Harleen Batra, Rachel Andrews, Rick Byers, Shruthi Sreekanta, Visha Meyer, Will Harris

  • PM: Matt Garrison

  • UX: Rui Hua

  • Security Team: Adrian Taylor, Amy Ressler, Grace Park

  • Release Team: Ben Mason, Harry Souders, Krishna Govind

  • Engprod Team: Junhua Chen

  • Chromium Community Rotation Team: Vivian Lam

  • Exec Sponsors: Eduardo Bravo, Jason Kersey, Julie Parent, Niranjan Tulpule, Sarika Calla

  • Eng Managers: Andy Perelson, Eran Argaman, Joe Gregorio

  • T/PgM Managers: Ben Henry, Nancy Liss


   -joe, on behalf of the Chrome on Buganizer team

Quick Start:  go/cob-quick-start 

Documentation: go/chrome-buganizer 

Feedback: go/cob-migration-feedback 

Email: g/chrome-buganizer-wg

FAQ: go/chrome-on-buganizer-faq

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