Using eventSender from a perf_test

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Aaron Leventhal

Feb 20, 2024, 7:36:25 PMFeb 20
to Chromium-dev
I need a way to toggle a <select size=1> with 1000s of options from a perf_test. This can't be done with a normal DOM call.

A lot of web tests use something like:
eventSender(selectElement, 'mouseDown');

Any idea what I might need to add to my perf_tests to use the eventSender capability? I don't know a lot about how all of the test infrastructure fits together. 

Thanks for any help,

Greg Thompson

Feb 26, 2024, 7:53:19 AMFeb 26
to, Chromium-dev
Hi Aaron.

That looks like something available to the web tests by virtue of them running content_shell with --run-web-tests; see the magical connection in content/web_test/renderer/'s WebTestContentRendererClient::WebTestContentRendererClient().

I'm afraid that's the edge of my understanding (codesearch led me to that).

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