Chromium(v88) Window Debug Build failure, LLVM ERROR:out of memory

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May 11, 2021, 9:32:56 PMMay 11
to Chromium-dev
Trying to build Chromium(v88)- Window Release builds are working fine, while with debug at Link step of libcef.dll it fails with LLVM Error: out of memory. used in out\Debug_GN_x64 :

chrome_pgo_phase=0, clang_use_chrome_plugins=false, enable_background_mode=false, enable_basic_printing=true, enable_nacl=false, enable_print_preview=true, enable_resource_allowlist_generation=false, enable_widevine=true, forbid_non_component_debug_builds=false, is_component_build=false, is_debug=true, optimize_webui=true, target_cpu="x64", is_official_build=false, ffmpeg_branding="Chrome", proprietary_codecs=true, use_allocator_shim=false  , v8_win64_unwinding_info=true, use_allocator="none"

Window Machine config:
Ram: 32 GB
Hard-disk: 500 GB

Tried increasing the virtual memory to 50GB didn't work, I have attached the LLVM Error screenshot,
How I can solve this issue

Screenshot 2021-05-11 at 4.50.04 AM.png

Reid Kleckner

May 12, 2021, 1:52:22 PMMay 12
to, Chromium-dev
This shouldn't be surprising, if you look at your arguments, you are bypassing the check that forbids static debug builds:


This config, static+debug, is not supported precisely because it tends to overrun PDB file size limits and result in linker OOMs.

However, the linker really shouldn't run out of memory, so I can try to find some time to take a look at this. The root cause is probably very similar to another linker OOM when enabling code coverage:

If you want to discuss linker memory usage more, I suggest filing a new bug or starring that bug and following up there.

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Nico Weber

May 12, 2021, 10:16:33 PMMay 12
to Reid Kleckner,, Chromium-dev
Sounds a bit like If you're a slightly old lld-link, it'll run out of memory instead of emitting an error that the PDB will be too large. But yes, what Reid said :)

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