The Rust toolchain is ready for production use

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Dana Jansens

Oct 11, 2023, 3:32:19 PM10/11/23
to chromium-dev,

Dear Chromium Community,

As of M119 Chromium's Rust toolchain is production-ready.

For the projects that are underway already that are making use of Rust libraries, we are happy to say toolchain support is no longer an obstacle to shipping. Chrome M117 has a Rust library in Stable that is being used daily on Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux. And Chrome M119 Beta has the same on ChromeOS.

We’re now confident that the toolchain is capable of integrating well with Clang in our build configurations and that the resulting binaries optimize well, run correctly, and interact with crash reporting and gdb/lldb properly. From agl@: Our experiment to switch the QR code generator over from C++ with IPC to synchronous Rust has gone smoothly with nothing breaking.

We will address any issues that come up in the future, and we greatly welcome feedback about sharp edges that you uncover at

At the moment, Rust is approved by Chrome ATLs for use in certain third-party scenarios. We're excited to use learnings from this to inform ongoing discussions around potentially leveraging Rust more widely in Chromium.


The Rust Toolchain / Chrome Memory Safety Team

Dominik Röttsches

Oct 12, 2023, 8:46:22 AM10/12/23
to, chromium-dev,
Hi Dana, Adrian and the whole Chrome Memory Safety Team,

Congratulations on this fantastic milestone! Tremendous effort on communication, evangelizing and technical excellence in delivering a solid and thorough technical foundation for Chromium to deliver Rust components. Well done!


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