Anyone else having stale patches / tryjobs on gerrit?

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Daniel Murphy

Feb 7, 2024, 11:21:07 AMFeb 7
to Chromium-dev
Over the last 3 or 4 work days I keep having gerrit somehow not use the most recently uploaded patch, and then when I try to upload it again after all of the tryjobs fail, it says something like "warning: no changes between prior commit 9e635356 and new commit 220b3b3c". And then somehow the patch is updated to the version I actually uploaded.

  1. Upload patch with 'git cl upload -t "name" -d'
  2. tryjobs fail
  3. Make new changes & upload new patch with 'git cl upload -t "name" -d'
  4. tryjobs fail again in exact same way
  5. I look at the gerrit patch and it is old - it hasn't updated
  6. I try step 3 again, and then it says "warning: no changes between prior commit 9e635356 and new commit 220b3b3c" but then it works finally - gerrit seems updated and the tryjobs now work?
Example: here - it says that a patchset was uploaded at 8:10am today, but I actually uploaded that last night, and when I tried this morning it gave me the "no changes" message.

Is something like this happening to anyone else? Am I holding this wrong?


Josip Sokcevic

Feb 8, 2024, 1:19:26 PMFeb 8
to Chromium-dev, Daniel Murphy
Hi Dan,

depot_tools maintainer here. I haven't seen such reports in our bug queue. 

What Gerrit is reporting / seeing is correct: there is no code difference between 9e635356 (PS4) and 220b3b3c (PS5) (empty diff). PS6 (640a8a86c) has the patch. So, something happened during git cl upload that resulted in sending the same patch. If you still have the entire terminal history (PS4, PS5 and PS6 uploads), that could be useful in order to debug what actually happened. And, of course, if you have repro steps, that would help a lot. Please file a bug under infra>sdk so we can take a closer look.
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