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Mar 20, 2024, 4:52:10 AMMar 20
to Chromium-dev
Hello, everyone,

I have recently noticed that several bugs related to the ui are blocked to the public.
but I have also detected others.

As this did not happen before (some time ago it was possible to follow your changes),  I wondered if chromium's policy had changed and when



Jun 12, 2024, 5:36:29 AMJun 12
to Chromium-dev, uazo
Sorry for insisting, but lately there are so many bugs closed to the public, even on issues that do not appear to be security-related or new implementations to be kept hidden.
can I ask if anyone knows a contact person or an office to ask?

the problem is that closing bugs does not allow learning from the code or evaluating the changes made by the chromium team.
and then, but this is a personal opinion, it seems strange for an opensource project

thanks again.

Dirk Pranke

Jun 12, 2024, 2:14:54 PMJun 12
to, Chromium-dev

I can't speak to why these two bugs are private, but I can say that there has been no general intentional change to make things more private. It may be that in some cases things are misconfigured as a result of the move from Monorail to Buganizer and we haven't worked out all of the kinks yet. Or it could be that these bugs specifically are related to things we can't make public yet.

But, in general, we should still be filing public bugs by default.

Hope this helps,

-- Dirk

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Jun 13, 2024, 3:18:31 AMJun 13
to Chromium-dev, Dirk Pranke, Chromium-dev,
thank you dirk for your reply.
of course i don't claim anything, i simply ask to understand, as far as possible.
i don't know your role in google, is yours an opinion or an official answer?
i ask you, in case it is an mistake, what is the procedure to follow?
or in the case that it is not, and therefore it is intentional, how is it possible to know the official policies regarding bug visibility?

i am relatively new to the chromium environment, and i honestly don't know what is possible to ask, what is possible to demand and what is absolutely denied.
are there any documents on the subject?

Dirk Pranke

Jun 13, 2024, 3:45:06 PMJun 13
to uazo, Chromium-dev
We have a guidelines document for bug reporting for Google employees that talks about how Chromium is an open source project and that things should be open by default. That said, we do use the same bug database for bugs for open source Chromium and the closed-source parts of Chrome. There are features that are specific to Google Chrome and/or that rely on integration with other Google services, and those are often kept private, sometimes until things are launched and sometimes indefinitely. These two bugs look like they fall into one of those buckets to me, but I'm not actually familiar with the things those bugs are referring to so I wouldn't act on them myself. I have asked on the bugs for you, but I can't promise a prompt answer. 

Also, please don't take this response as an invitation for everyone to send their questions to me! We don't have a formal process for ensuring that bugs are made public or for changing the visibility on request. Usually we rely on best effort from the people involved :).

-- Dirk 


Jun 18, 2024, 11:33:16 AMJun 18
to Chromium-dev, Dirk Pranke, Chromium-dev, uazo
>   We have a guidelines document for bug reporting for Google employees

thank you Dirk , that was exactly what I was looking for!

There are features that are specific to Google Chrome and/or that rely on integration with other Google services, and those are often kept private

certainly, I can understand that, but I thought they were only on clank.

thank you again.
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