Regarding Voice Search Search in Chrome iOS

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Akhil Arora

Sep 10, 2021, 4:36:45 PMSep 10
to Chromium-dev
Hi ,
I checked out latest chrome app for iOS and ran the application on simulator
When I tapped voice microphone icon the application crashed.
Do I need to enable any additional capability or enable any API to use voice search.

Dennis Sebalemba

Sep 20, 2021, 1:26:23 AMSep 20
to Chromium-dev,
The voice search button should work as intended.
If you still have the same problem after trying out all your solutions, try deleting the Chrome iOS app, update your system and reinstall the Chrome iOS app.
It usually works out for me.

Arora, Akhil

Sep 24, 2021, 5:29:22 PMSep 24
to Dennis Sebalemba, Chromium-dev

Hi Dennis,

Just for more information

I am developing a custom browser based on chromium for iOS.

I checkout the tag 92.0.4515.90 and ran the application.

When I am tapping the voice icon in search bar, a prompt occurs which asks for microphone permission for the first time and on allowing it the app is crashing and unfortunately I am unable to find any workaround.


Application is crashing in following function in browser_view_controller class of Chrome iOS:


---Here the _ voiceSearchController variable turns out to be a nullptr


#pragma mark - Private Methods: Voice Search


- (void)ensureVoiceSearchControllerCreated {

  if (!_voiceSearchController) {

    VoiceSearchProvider* provider =


    if (provider) {

      _voiceSearchController =


      if (self.primaryToolbarCoordinator) {








Need help in figuring out if I am missing anything to use voice search.



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