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Jun 10, 2010, 4:27:49 PM6/10/10
to Chromium Apps
My development team and I decided to integrate our new single sign-in
system "Angmon Login" into our Facebook game. Removing the need to
have a Facebook account to play. We figured out that we did not need
all the fancy API's they had and only really wanted a single id to
figure out who the user is.

Here is the app if you want to try it. (

The cool thing is that both Angmon Login users and Facebook Users are
able to play together. It is not two different systems. It is one that
understands how you got there.

The cool thing about Angmon Login is that an app hosted on
via our team or someone else's project can use this. The user logs in
at we then send out an ID to the app. The cool thing
is that when you sign in at one app then move to another you do not
need to sign in again. You are just logged in. We have reviewed
security a lot on the project. Right now it seems almost impossible to
fake an id.

The idea we had was to help remove having to code a big login system,
and have 1000 logins for each app. If your interested in the project
you can email me at It might save you time not to
deal with logins.


Jun 10, 2010, 4:32:04 PM6/10/10
to Chromium Apps
It broke my app url

Also here is two early development videos of Angmon Login

Part 1:
Part 2:
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