ax_dump_tree: Update to dump IA2 relations?

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Sayan Sivakumaran

May 15, 2023, 9:55:03 AM5/15/23
to Chromium Accessibility

I prototyped updating aria-errormessage to take in an ID reference list. However, I noticed when running the dump accessibility tests that only the number of IA2 relations were outputted, not information about the IA2 relations themselves. I was considering changing the dump tree formatter to query IAccessible2::get_relations in a separate PR so I could verify setting multiple IDs in aria-errormessage is correctly exposed with IA2_RELATION_ERROR. Of course, I would ignore things like IA2_RELATION_DESCRIBEDBY and IA2_RELATION_LABELLEDBY since one can just check the node's name and description for those relations instead.

Would anyone be opposed to this? Just wanted to make sure before I submit a random PR out of the blue. 😊

- Sayan

Aaron Leventhal

May 15, 2023, 10:00:05 AM5/15/23
to Chromium Accessibility,
That would an improvement and very much appreciated. We already do this for the Blink tree formatter. Here's an example using detailsIds.
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