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Hi CrUX users,

This is your monthly announcement that the latest dataset has been published to BigQuery. The 202005 (May 2020) dataset is now available and it covers a record-setting 7,103,486 origins.

In the spirit of last month's Core Web Vitals (CWV) announcement, here is a look at how origins performed in May 2020:
  • 44.71% of origins had good LCP
  • 55.93% of origins had good FID
  • 62.38% of origins had good CLS
  • 17.06% of origins had good LCP, FID, and CLS
There's also a few CrUX-related updates that you should be aware of:
  • Addy Osmani and Elizabeth Sweeny have published an article Tools to measure Core Web Vitals that gives an overview of how you can measure CWV across Google's web developer tools, including:
  • On June 30 Rick Viscomi (moi) will present "Mastering CrUX on BigQuery" at the free, online web.dev LIVE event. It will be a short (< 10 minutes) demonstration of querying materialized tables for quick, easy, and cheap access to CrUX insights. There will be a recording available after the event.
  • There are two community resources to highlight this month:
  • And there have been some changes to the way CrUX metrics are implemented in Chrome:
    • There were two LCP updates, which should have a minimal effect on most origins:
      • "Largest Contentful Paint measurement should stop at the first input or scroll on the page. In Chrome 83, inputs and scrolls in subframes were correctly accounted for."
      • "When comparing sizes of images for Largest Contentful Paint, the visual size of a background image was previously computed as the size of its Layout Object. This is not correct in all cases; for example in the case of CSS styles like :first-letter. This issue was fixed in Chrome 83."
    • There was one FID update, which may result in some sites observing faster FID experiences:
      • "In Chrome 83, a bug was fixed in the implementation of First Input Delay (FID). Prior to M83, First input delay values less than 1ms were not reported to the Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX)."
    If you have any questions about CrUX, feel free to reach out to us on any of these channels:




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