FYI: Making p75 more accurate in the CrUX API

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Rick Viscomi

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24 nov 2020, 15:18:1024/11/20
a Chrome UX Report (Announcements)
Hi everyone,

No action needed, this is just a heads up that we've made a small change to the way we calculate percentiles in the CrUX API. The change is live today.

What changed? We improved the accuracy of the p75 value. All URLs and origins are affected but the difference should be extremely small in most cases.

Let us know if you notice anything unexpected related to your p75 values that may have been a side-effect of this change. An easy way to test this would be to use the API explorer in the CrUX docs. We don't anticipate the change being noticeable to the vast majority of CrUX API users, but we'd love to hear about any extreme cases.


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