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9 apr 2024, 12:15:119 apr
a 'Barry Pollard' via Chrome UX Report (Announcements)

Hi CrUX users,

This is your monthly announcement that the latest dataset has been published to BigQuery.

The 202403 (March 2024) dataset is now available and it covers 18,669,191 origins, a decrease of 0.3% over last month. Here's a look at origins' Core Web Vitals performance this month:

  • 62.2% of origins (↑ 1.5%) had good LCP

  • 77.1% of origins (↑ 0.6%) had good CLS

  • 82.1% of origins (↑ 1.8%) had good INP

  • 46.8% of origins (↑ 2.6%) had good LCP, CLS and INP

All metrics have seen a good improvement this month, more than making up for last month's small declines. This is particularly apparent on mobile.

We’re aware of a two changes which resulted in INP improvements for a large number of sites this month:

  • The Chrome Android team have made improvements to cookie caching, which saw noticeable improvements to INP and LCP. We think this was a large factor in the improvements we have seen this month.

  • The team at Google have been working with a number of Consent Management Platforms (including OneTrust, Complianz and Axeptio), to improve INP by yielding more often—particularly when cookies are accepted. This has resulted in much improved INP for sites using these platforms.

This month we are pleased to announce that we have added navigation type breakdowns to CrUX. By exposing the navigation type breakdown, we hope to encourage site owners to be more aware of the navigation types used on their sites, and look to encourage some of the faster types by looking at caching setup, bfcache blockers, and prerendering. More details are available in the navigation types announcement post.

We have also changed the CrUX API and CrUX History API to round floating point numbers to 4 decimal places.

We have a few community shout outs this month:



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