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Rick Viscomi

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8 déc. 2020, 11:33:0508/12/2020
à Chrome UX Report (Announcements)
Hi CrUX users,

This is your monthly announcement that the latest dataset has been published to BigQuery.

The 202011 (November 2020) dataset is now available and it covers 7,942,408 origins. Here's a look at origins' Core Web Vitals performance this month:
  • 47.0% of origins had good LCP
  • 88.8% of origins had good FID
  • 51.1% of origins had good CLS
  • 23.5% of origins had good LCP, FID, and CLS
We have two community resources to highlight:
And there are a few updates related to the CrUX API to make you aware of:
    If you have any questions about CrUX, feel free to reach out to us on any of these channels:


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