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Barry Pollard

۱۷ آبان ۱۴۰۱، ۱۳:۴۴:۴۷۱۴۰۱/۸/۱۷

Hi CrUX users,

This is your monthly announcement that the latest dataset has been published to BigQuery.

The 202210 (October 2022) dataset is now available and it covers 17,637,195 origins, a slight decrease of 2.4% over last month. Here’s a look at origins' Core Web Vitals performance this month:

  • 54.8% of origins had good LCP

  • 95.0% of origins had good FID

  • 72.3% of origins had good CLS

  • 41.6% of origins had good LCP, FID, and CLS

In this release we have further broken down our “rank” popularity available in the chrome-ux-report BigQuery dataset. Previously these were in groupings of log 10 (i.e. top 1,000 sites, top 10,000, top 100,000 sites, … up to top 100 million sites). From this release these are provided in half-rank steps (i.e. top 1,000 sites, top 5,000 sites, top 10,000, top 50,000 sites, top 100,000 sites, top 500,000 sites… up to top 100 million sites). The top rank (1,000) will not be altered with this change (i.e. we are not providing a top 500 rank).

Other recent CrUX-related updates:

For more information on CrUX, see our recently updated documentation at

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