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Barry Pollard

۱۷ مرداد ۱۴۰۲، ۹:۰۵:۰۶۱۴۰۲/۵/۱۷
به 'Barry Pollard' via Chrome UX Report (Announcements)

Hi CrUX users,

This is your monthly announcement that the latest dataset has been published to BigQuery.

The 202307 (July 2023) dataset is now available and it covers 17,976,663 origins, a decrease of 0.5% over last month. Here’s a look at origins' Core Web Vitals performance this month:

  • 57.8% of origins had good LCP

  • 95.7% of origins had good FID

  • 73.8% of origins had good CLS

  • 44.6% of origins had good LCP, FID, and CLS

  • 77.8% of origins had good INP

As noted last month, we made progress on origins with redirects on their root page not showing in CrUX and since then we resolved the last of the known issues and this month no origins should be excluded for this reason.

As warned in the last few releases, we have now removed the experimental prefixed Interaction to Next Paint metric from CrUX BigQuery, API, and History API. Users need to use the non-prefixed field to access this metric.

Please find our documentation at

If you have any questions about CrUX, feel free to reach out to us on any of these channels:



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