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Barry Pollard

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13 giu 2023, 05:35:1813/06/23
a 'Barry Pollard' via Chrome UX Report (Announcements)

Hi CrUX users,

This is your monthly announcement that the latest dataset has been published to BigQuery.

The 202305 (May 2023) dataset is now available and it covers 18,377,791 origins, a decrease of 0.2% over last month. Here’s a look at origins' Core Web Vitals performance this month:

  • 56.8% of origins had good LCP

  • 95.5% of origins had good FID

  • 73.3% of origins had good CLS

  • 43.6% of origins had good LCP, FID, and CLS

We’re seeing a slight decrease again this month for LCP and FCP due to the final roll outs of the change in LCP to ignore low-entropy images and correction in paint timing discussed last month. However, despite this, the overall good LCP, FID, and CLS rates are up slightly from last month.

We are aware that some origins that redirect their root page (for example, that automatically redirects to are not showing origin-level data in CrUX, and so are also not appearing in the BigQuery dataset. We're also aware that this has been going on for some time. Unfortunately, this is proving a difficult issue to resolve and so we still do not have an estimated time of when this will be resolved.

The Community Shout out this month goes to Kimberly Ruth’s presentation of some research completely last year on the accuracy of top lists. The Chrome User Experience Report was deemed the most accurate. Check out the very interesting video of the presentation for more details on how the research was completed.

And finally, a reminder that the INP metric is available in the CrUX BigQuery, API, and History API both with and without the experimental prefix. We encourage users to move to the non-prefixed field as the experimental prefix fields should now be considered deprecated and will be removed in 60 days.

Please find our documentation at

If you have any questions about CrUX, feel free to reach out to us on any of these channels:



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