ntent to Remove: Rename User-Agent Client Hint ACCEPT-CH tokens Question

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Psycho Puddles

Sep 9, 2021, 1:03:37 PMSep 9
to blink-dev
I am not sure I am clearly understanding the Alternative for the "ua-*" and the “sec-ch-ua-*” tokens option.  Which would you recommend happen if there are variants of the licence that you want to apply to your variant but others that you want restricted?  

As an example, if I had an idea for a new type of platform of interactive web reading but did not want the characters in my story to be available for use of any sales.  But the use of the source of my codes to format their outlines for a novel of their own, how would I determine which token I would want to use?

Mozilla (Apache?) and MIT Licences have clauses that state conditions but due to the differences in statues dictated in regions or elsewhere, how are the tokens going to be affected?

I am sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere I am a new developer.


Sep 12, 2021, 3:25:00 PMSep 12
to Psycho Puddles, blink-dev
I am pretty sure those headers (or renaming of them) have nothing to do with licenses.


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