DOM & HTML team: Quarterly Report [2017/Q3-]

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Hayato Ito

Oct 13, 2017, 1:22:04 AM10/13/17
to blink-dev,


  • DOM

    • Reduced the number of "Blink > DOM" bugs from 145 to 73.

    • Organized the core and core/dom directories (details).

      • New directories: core/html/custom, core/typed_arrays, core/script (WIP), core/fullscreen, core/intersection_observer, core/resize_observer, core/dom/events

      • Merged core/dom/shadow into core/dom

    • Started to write core/dom/ (WIP) to explain how DOM works

    • Got >3 LGTMs for "Intent to Remove Multiple Shadow Roots"

      • Will remove it in M63

    • Delayed the removal of /deep/ from M61 to M63 (

    • Declarative Shadow DOM is under the discussion.

  • HTML

    • Improved interoperability; Resolved 188 Chrome-alone failures in web-platform-tests/html/

      • "Chrome-alone failures" means tests that fail with Chrome, and succeed with Edge and Firefox.

      • Including some new features such as <data>, <time>, beforeprint/afterprint events

    • Re-implement form validation bubble UI

      • Fixed potential security issues

      • Now all platforms have identical animation behavior

      • Will be shipped in M62

  • Editing

    • Adopt to Layout NG; offset mapping, selection paint refactor, visible units refactor

    • Bug count to 812(+35) from 777 for 219 incoming bugs (57 bugs by ClusterFuzz)

2017/Q4 (Tentative plan; will set OKRs soon)

  • DOM

    • Design "Incremental Shadow DOM"

    • Have an “Intent to Implement” week for new DOM APIs, such as EventTarget constructor

  • HTML

    • tkent@ is OOO

  • Editing

    • Adopt selection to Layout NG

Oct 13, 2017, 1:32:11 AM10/13/17
to blink-dev
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