Intent to Remove: SVGZoomEvent

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12 lug 2016, 06:06:1312/07/16
a blink-dev

Primary eng (and PM) emails,

Link to “Intent to Deprecate” thread!msg/blink-dev/5PEUh2qHa7c/IUGlM4a9CQAJ



Remove the SVGZoomEvent interface and the corresponding onzoom attribute. 


SVGZoomEvent doesn't work at all in Blink. It can be created and hooked up using onzoom="..." but it is never fired by the browser.


It has been removed from the SVG 2.0 specification:

Compatibility Risk

A httparchive search has been conducted:

indicating very low usage. From the search it looks likely that the event is possible to remove.

The interface has been around in WebKit and Blink for a long time. Originates in:


Usage information from UseCounter


OWP launch tracking bug

No OWP launch tracking bug but there is:

Entry on the feature dashboard

Requesting approval to remove too?

Yes, M52 is the suggested milestone.

Philip Jägenstedt

da leggere,
12 lug 2016, 06:33:4112/07/16
a Shanmuga, blink-dev

Can you update with the actual removal milestone, which will be M54?

(Given the extremely low usage, I don't think it's worthwhile in this case to update the deprecation message for a release cycle.)


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12 lug 2016, 06:37:5312/07/16
a blink-dev,
Updated the milestone to M54


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12 lug 2016, 09:19:5212/07/16
a blink-dev,

Rick Byers

da leggere,
12 lug 2016, 09:24:3512/07/16
a Shanmuga, blink-dev


Philip Jägenstedt

da leggere,
13 lug 2016, 05:16:4613/07/16
a Rick Byers, Shanmuga, blink-dev
I didn't mention waiting for 3xLGTM when I reviewed, so it has already landed. Since this intent seems 99% likely to pass I suggested leaving it in, but a 3rd LGTM is still needed here. Oops :)

Jochen Eisinger

da leggere,
13 lug 2016, 05:22:2013/07/16
a Philip Jägenstedt, Rick Byers, Shanmuga, blink-dev
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