PSA - Privacy Sandbox APIs temporarily unavailable; fix deployed

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Rowan Merewood

May 22, 2024, 6:40:16 PMMay 22
to blink-dev
On May 22nd at approximately 0:00 UTC, a misconfiguration in the Chrome-facilitated testing setup impacted the availability of the relevance and measurement APIs in all Chrome Stable versions. This issue is unrelated to the APIs themselves, and unique to the setup that supports Chrome-facilitated testing ahead of third-party cookie deprecation. Browsers that restarted between 0:00 UTC and 16:00 UTC on May 22 had these APIs disabled. The impacted browsers will be fixed when they next restart.

The affected APIs are Attribution Reporting, Protected Audience, Private Aggregation, Shared Storage and Topics. While the APIs were unavailable, existing storage and user settings for the APIs will be retained. That means:
  • existing Attribution Reporting source registrations and pending reports will be retained
  • existing Protected Audience interest groups will be retained
  • existing Topics history will be retained
  • existing Shared Storage values will be retained
  • existing user settings will be retained

For sites and services participating in Chrome-facilitated testing, the APIs were unavailable but the labels and groups were not impacted. Once browsers within each group restart, they will return to their previous behavior.

This does not affect third-party cookie restrictions enabled via the Tracking Protection feature for 1% of Chrome users.

We recognize the impact this has on companies testing the APIs and apologize for the disruption. This misconfiguration was unique to the limited-time Chrome-facilitated testing setup and we have taken steps to prevent this issue happening in the future. We will continue to update this thread with any further status updates, information, and guidance.
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