Intent to Prototype: CSS advanced attr() function (Was: Intent to Implement and Ship)

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Xiaocheng Hu

May 26, 2020, 3:41:12 PM5/26/20
to blink-dev
Note: This was originally an Intent to Implement and Ship. We split it due to security concerns. Specification: Implement the augmentation to attr() specified in CSS Level 4, which allows types besides <string> and usage in all CSS properties (besides pseudo-element 'content'). Note: CSS Level 4 has made substantial revisions to attr() compared to Level 3 to ease the implementation. We'll follow CSS4. This is a highly requested feature, with 77 stars at We also want to keep it considered in the CR period by adding the first implementation.
No browser has implemented this feature yet. Even though there's no negative signals from other browsers, there's still a minimal interoperability risk that we end up the only implementation. There are also a few known cases where this advanced version behaves differently from the basic version in pseudo-element content property, which is a compatibility risk: - - Firefox: No public signals ( Edge: No public signals Safari: No public signals ( Web developers: No signals attr() can be used by injected CSS for data exfiltration.
Yes No There's some WPT coverage as for May 2020: We will introduce more tests:
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Parviz Shahmoradi

May 26, 2020, 5:40:39 PM5/26/20
to Xiaocheng Hu, blink-dev

در تاریخ چهارشنبه ۲۷ مهٔ ۲۰۲۰،‏ ۰۰:۱۱ Xiaocheng Hu <> نوشت:
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