PSA: Storage Access API & dedicated workers

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Chris Fredrickson

Oct 25, 2023, 12:06:04 PM10/25/23
to blink-dev
Hello all,

Just wanted to give an FYI that I will be submitting a change that makes dedicated workers "inherit" the storage-access status of their parent (whether the parent is a document, or is another worker). This behavior is not specified by the Storage Access API (SAA) spec, but is under discussion there. In the meantime, this CL will align Chrome's behavior with Safari's and allows web workers to benefit from storage-access permission grants. The new behavior will be available in Chrome M120.

I’m sending this fix as an FYI because while this has some web-observable effect, we do not think that it will result in broken websites, given that it aligns with current behavior developers expect from the SAA. Chrome is not yet blocking third-party cookies by default so it’s extremely unlikely that developers have come to rely on cookies being blocked in workers by default after a document.requestStorageAccess() call.

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