Intent to implement: Hit regions (canvas)

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Jinho Bang

May 23, 2014, 8:42:38 AM5/23/14

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Allows the author to establish regions on a canvas 2D context. These regions can be associated with HTML elements 

and they will inherit their ARIA properties. In addition, mouse events will be updated so events that fire on a canvas and 

that hit a region, the id of that region is a member of the event.

We should provide following things at least:

 - CRC2D.addHitRegion(HitRegionOptions); method

 - CRC2D.removeHitRegion(); method

 - HitRegionOptions (id, control and so on)


Canvas authors are starting to create more complex user interface in canvas that can only could only [sic] map

to several underlying elements ([a] spline editor, for example, would map to several range controls). To enable 

a better canvas+fallback DOM coding pattern, it seems prudent to enable easier canvas hit testing and event handling.

In the current HTML5 specification, authors are advised to create a fallback DOM under the canvas element to enable 

screen readers and screen magnifiers to interact with canvas user interfaces. The size and position of those elements 

are not defined, which causes problems for accessibility tools - what size/position should they report for these elements?

Because canvas elements usually respond to user input, it seems prudent to solve the hit testing and accessibility 

issues with the same mechanism. (from

Also, Please refer to (from

Compatibility Risk

Low; It seems that some parts of the features has already been implemented in Firefox. (by Rik)



Ongoing technical constraints


Will this feature be supported on all five Blink platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS and Android)?


OWP launch tracking bug?

Link to entry on the feature dashboard

Requesting approval to ship?


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