Loading Team weekly snippet (Oct 23 - Oct 27)

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Takashi Toyoshima

Oct 30, 2017, 7:38:04 AM10/30/17
to blink-dev, Chromium Loading Performance, Chromium-dev
Hi chromium/blink developers,

Here is a Loading Team weekly snippet, the most updates are based on topics that are discussed in Tokyo loading team involved sync-up meetings, but would contain other offices' efforts or collaborations with them or external contributors.

We are happy to hear feedback on each topic, and on this snippet format itself.

Update from Oct 23 through Oct 27

  • Chrome Dev Summit (kinuko, kouhei, tyoshino)

    • Did AMA poster session / loading perf clinics

  • ES6 module

    • Performance (ksakamoto)

      • Tried inlining in mojo-loading, saw 8~12% improvement for moment.js / three.js test

    • Preload (ksakamoto)

      • Modulepreload patch is ready for landing, needs I2I

    • import.meta (hiroshige)

      • I2S passed. Will ship in M64.

    • Modules + CSP/SRI (hiroshige)

      • Working locally. CLs in review

  • Re-arch

    • Servicification

      • Discussed how we should handle (unify or split) Network Service and SW requests, how SW round-trip could be implemented (notes) (falken, yhirano, kinuko)

      • Network service & cookies discussion (jam, nasko, dcheng, rdsmith, mmenke, pwnall, …)

    • Out-of-Blink CORS (tyoshino, toyoshim)

      • Moving enum types to services/network

      • CORS header check impl in CORSURLLoader

    • ResourceLoadScheduler (toyoshim, ksakamoto)

      • [panicker] Intervention: Stop Loading in background after 5mins

    • Code health / Documentation

      • [toyoshim] platform BUILD.gn cleanup

  • Link preload scheduling (yoav)

    • Defer medium priority preloads after first preloadScanner chunk [in discussion]

Takashi Toyoshima
Software Engineer, Google
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