Intent to Ship: App Shortcuts Menu (Mac/Linux)

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Ajay Rahatekar

Oct 7, 2021, 12:53:01 PM10/7/21
to blink-dev

Contact emails,,,


Shortcuts Explainer


W3C spec:

Tag Review:


This feature provides PWA developers the ability to show a shortcuts menu of common tasks in their app. The menu can be invoked by right clicking the app icon in the quick launch bar after the PWA has been installed on the user’s desktop, or long pressing on the app on Android. This capability already exists for native apps on various platforms (Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows).

Link to “Intent to Prototype” blink-dev discussion!topic/blink-dev/gK4XF2vbvf0

Is this feature supported on all six Blink platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, and Android WebView)?

This feature was previously shipped for Windows and Android 

Requesting approval to ship on Mac and Linux 

Demo link

Test Website.

The enable-desktop-pwas-app-icon-shortcuts-menu-ui flag needs to be enabled.


Interoperability and Compatibility

No Interoperability/Compatibility risk. When a web developer doesn’t provide a shortcuts member in the PWA’s WebAppManifest, current installation behavior is not affected by this feature.

Edge: In development/Public Support

Firefox: No signals

Safari: No signals

Web / Framework developers: Positive feedback from web developers


Shortcuts will be used as part of the WebAppManifest. Use will not affect performance.


Use will be straightforward, it will only require developers to list their shortcuts in their manifest.

Is this feature fully tested by web-platform-tests? Link to test suite results from

Pre-existing manual WPT tests exist: appmanifest/shortcuts-member/

Entry on the feature dashboard

Ajay Rahatekar | Technical Program Manager | | 650-797-1279

Mike West

Oct 7, 2021, 2:57:45 PM10/7/21
to Ajay Rahatekar, blink-dev
Extending the existing support from Android and Windows to Mac and Linux is quite reasonable. LGTM1.

That said, it would be ideal to ping in the hopes of keeping this on Mozilla's radar in the hopes of eventual interop.


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Chris Harrelson

Oct 7, 2021, 2:58:42 PM10/7/21
to Mike West, Ajay Rahatekar, blink-dev

Daniel Bratell

Oct 7, 2021, 3:11:02 PM10/7/21
to Chris Harrelson, Mike West, Ajay Rahatekar, blink-dev
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