Intent to Remove: The <discard> element

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Fredrik Söderquist

no leída,
4 dic 2019 8:22:154/12/19
a blink-dev

they all appeared to be using (various versions of) VelocityJS, which did an enumeration of properties named "SVG.*Element$" on window and creating such an element and enumerating some IDL attributes on it. SVGDiscardElement does not expose any IDL attributes of its own, so that in turn should be a no-op.

Yoav Weiss

no leída,
4 dic 2019 8:47:244/12/19
a Fredrik Söderquist,blink-dev
LGTM1 to discard it

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Chris Harrelson

no leída,
4 dic 2019 10:31:094/12/19
a Yoav Weiss,Fredrik Söderquist,blink-dev

Daniel Bratell

no leída,
4 dic 2019 12:02:214/12/19
a Chris Harrelson,Yoav Weiss,Fredrik Söderquist,blink-dev
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