Intent to Extend Origin Trial: Signed HTTP Exchanges

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Kinuko Yasuda

Dec 10, 2018, 8:26:58 AM12/10/18
to blink-dev, Jason Chase

Contact emails,,


Signed exchanges format:

Signed exchanges format: Implementation checkpoints (Chrome implements this):

Loading signed exchanges (draft):


An origin trial for Signed HTTP Exchanges (or SXG) started in Chrome 71 and is scheduled to end in the same release, Chrome 71.

We initially set this period relatively short to manage risks, but now that 71 hits stable and it looks the feature is working stably, we want to extend the period so that 1) we can collect more feedback and data, 2) the sites that are running this trial don’t need to shut down the trial (ideally until it just ships), and 3) other sites that are currently considering origin-trial can have more chances to join.

More information can be found on the previous intent to experiment thread:!topic/blink-dev/MKHe54W996c/discussion

Experimental timeline

Currently it is configured so that it’s enabled for Chrome 71 and set to end.  We want to extend this to also run for Chrome 72, ending Mar 12.

  • Chrome 71 <--- This is the one currently enabled

  • Chrome 72 (Branch already cut, Stable on Jan 29 til Mar 12)

Link to entry on the feature dashboard

(We may want to an extension one more time depending on when we decide to ship, let us know if requesting for a trial extension multiple times could have any problems. Thanks!) 

Chris Harrelson

Dec 11, 2018, 12:15:35 PM12/11/18
to Kinuko Yasuda, blink-dev, Jason Chase

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