Loading Team weekly snippet (Oct 16 - Oct 20)

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Takashi Toyoshima

Oct 23, 2017, 4:41:39 AM10/23/17
to blink-dev, Chromium Loading Performance, Chromium-dev
Hi chromium/blink developers,

Here is a Loading Team weekly snippet, the most updates are based on topics that are discussed in Tokyo loading team involved sync-up meetings, but would contain other offices' efforts or collaborations with them or external contributors.

We are happy to hear feedback on each topic, and on this snippet format itself.

Update from Oct 16 through Oct 20

  • ES6 module

    • Performance (ksakamoto)

      • Did sampling profiling

        • In browser IO thread, PostPendingTask and malloc consume significant time (8% and 7%)

        • In renderer, found no single hot-spot

      • IPC inlining

        • Revived tzik’s experiment code

        • Saw 5~10% improvement, legacy IPC based though

    • Preload (ksakamoto)

      • Resumed working on modulepreload (CL)

    • Import.meta (hiroshige)

      • All CLs reviewed. Will send I2I+S and then land all.

  • Re-arch

    • Servicification

      • [yhirano] Had a discussion about URLLoader interface decoupling. We will use the unified interface.

      • [kinuko] Created a patch to completely migrate to per-frame URLLoaderFactory in the renderer, under review

    • Out-of-Blink CORS (tyoshino, toyoshim)

      • Cleanup of existing WebCORS implementations

      • Basic unit tests for CORSURLLoader is added

      • Working on CORS check code moving

    • Origin Manifest (dhausknecht, mkwst, tyoshino, kinuko)

      • Landing ThrottlingURLLoader changes to support the usage

      • Discussed where and how response URL should be handled or informed between multiple redirects. One of the idea is to include it in ResourceResponseHead, but we’re going to go with smaller change in ThrottlingURLLoader first.

    • Preload + SRI (vogelheim, hiroshige, japhet, kouhei)

      • Having a lot of discussions. hiroshige@ preparing a summary doc.

    • V8 Cache Heuristics

      • [kouhei] landed UMA

    • Code health

      • [toyoshim] WebKit platform build file split

      • [hiroshige] Introduced XMLParserScriptRunner, refactoring doc.write intervension

    • Documentation

      • [hiroshige]: core/script

      • [hiroshige]: ImageLoader

  • More predictable MemoryCache (japhet, hiroshige, kinuko)

    • [kinuko] Sent out updates and shared the command-line flag to try it out on loading-dev@ and also with some external developers

  • WebFonts (ksakamoto, toyoshim)

    • Intervention v2 is 100% launched. Cleanup works have also finished.

    • RemoteFontFaceSource cleanups

      • [ksakamoto] Caused memory regression in webview CC. Investigating

  • ResourceLoadScheduler (toyoshim, ksakamoto)

    • Just waiting for field trial results

Takashi Toyoshima
Software Engineer, Google
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