Intent to Prototype: Web Authentication API: JSON serialization methods

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Martin Kreichgauer

Dec 14, 2022, 5:04:04 PM12/14/22
to blink-dev, chrome-webauthn

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The WebAuthn PublicKeyCredential.toJSON(), parseCreationOptionsFromJSON() and parseRequestOptionsFromJSON() methods let developers serialize a WebAuthn response into a JSON object or deserialize a WebAuthn request object from its JSON representation.

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Developers frequently complain that WebAuthn request and response objects cannot easily be serialized in order to pass them between a server and client in a HTTP request. We're therefore adding methods to the API that permit deserialization of WebAuthn requests from and serialization of responses to JSON.

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Rick Byers

Dec 16, 2022, 3:54:23 PM12/16/22
to Martin Kreichgauer, blink-dev, chrome-webauthn
Sounds good, thanks! Not needed for I2P, but for an upcoming I2S it would be good to have a link or two under "web developer signals" to back up the "developers frequentlyc complain" argument.

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