Intent to Ship: Make 'true' a truthy value for boolean features

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Mason Freed

Mar 3, 2022, 4:23:53 PMMar 3
to blink-dev

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This is a recent change [1] to the spec for parsing the windowFeatures argument to Previous to this change,,'','popup=true') interpreted the 'popup=true' to mean popup is false. With this change, 'true' counts as a truthy value. [1]

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TAG review

Extremely small change, and this was peripherally discussed on the TAG review for the recent addition of the popup windowFeature:

TAG review status

Not applicable


Interoperability and Compatibility

It is possible, though extremely unlikely, that a site currently uses `,'','feature=true')` and expects feature to be false. In that case, this change will change behavior. However, this seems exceedingly unlikely.

Gecko: In development (

WebKit: Positive (

Web developers: No signals

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No risks.


No risks


Fully debuggable using existing DevTools support.

Is this feature fully tested by web-platform-tests?


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Daniel Bratell

Mar 4, 2022, 9:46:24 AMMar 4
to Mason Freed, blink-dev


The feedback from Mozilla and WebKit is not of the 100% official kind, but I agree that this is a small enough change to not request more formal feedback than the feedback that already is there.

(Also, "exceedingly unlikely", if I've learned anything about the web, it is that there is nothing that is too strange to exist on it).


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Rick Byers

Mar 4, 2022, 10:27:53 AMMar 4
to Daniel Bratell, Mason Freed, blink-dev
Make true truthy, who could object to that? :-) LGTM2

Seriously though, I agree on the sentiment of the low compat risk. This feels arguably bugfix-level to me. But I agree with Daniel that stranger things have happened in the world of web compat, so as always please keep an ear open for any regressions and revert / measure at the sign of any issues.


Mike Taylor

Mar 4, 2022, 10:33:27 AMMar 4
to Rick Byers, Daniel Bratell, Mason Freed, blink-dev
LGTM3 - if anything I would expect things to unbreak (might be interesting to look at histograms for the number of popups opened before and after).

Mason Freed

Mar 4, 2022, 1:08:47 PMMar 4
to Mike Taylor, Rick Byers, Daniel Bratell, blink-dev
Thank you all for the quick LGTMs. I appreciate the leniency on the "signals" requirements, and I'll definitely watch for issues. I agree that stranger things have happened than expecting =true to result in false.
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