Loading Team weekly snippet (Oct 9 - Oct 13)

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Takashi Toyoshima

Oct 16, 2017, 4:05:38 AM10/16/17
to blink-dev, Chromium Loading Performance, Chromium-dev
Hi developers,

Here is a Loading Team weekly snippet, that is renamed from Loading Tokyo Team weekly snippet.
The most updates are based on topics that are discussed in Tokyo loading team involved sync-up meetings, but would contain other offices' efforts or collaborations with them or external contributors.

Thanks for feedback on the last train, and we are happy to hear more feedback on each topic, and this snippet format itself.

Update from Oct 9 through Oct 13

  • ES6 module

    • Performance (ksakamoto, kouhei)

      • Looking at traces closely

        • No low-hanging fruits, many small things take long time in aggregate

      • Modules are now fetched at high priority

    • Dynamic imports (kouhei)

      • Misc stability improvements.

      • WIP: Introduce ScriptFetchOptions concept explicitly into blink script code (will prep integrity=”” attr support)

  • Mojo-Loading (yhirano)

    • Watching UMAs...

  • Servicification (kinuko, toyoshim, yhirano)

    • Platform BUILD.gn cleanups (incl. fixing a potential race issue)

      • Remove skia dependency

      • Take over a CL to split BUILD.gn for network and blob sub-directories

    • ChildURLLoaderFactoryGetter now has GetFactoryForURL() that returns appropriate loader factory

  • Out-of-Blink CORS (tyoshino, toyoshim)

    • Revisiting architectural design about redirect handling

    • Removing unused code from DocumentThreadableLoader

    • Added more spec links to fetch related enums

    • Mechanical changes to conform style guide and to catch up with the HEAD code

    • Rewriting CORSURLLoaderTest to fit with chromium test style

  • Origin Manifest (dhausknecht, mkwst, tyoshino, kinuko)

    • Design doc review + VC for sync

    • Figuring out where to put the response URL information

    • Discussing how we should extend URLLoaderThrottle

  • WebFonts (ksakamoto, toyoshim)

    • crbug/770978 font-display bug

      • Font “failure period” kicks src-fallback, should be family-fallback

    • Removing field trial code from HEAD

    • Experiment-controlled rollouts start!

  • Fetch keepalive (yhirano)

    • Sent an intent-to-implement to blink-dev@

    • Proposing a web-platform-test. Under review.

  • ResourceLoadScheduler (toyoshim, ksakamoto)

    • L-R approved for extending the field trials to the Stable channel

    • Updating configurations for Stable study, and subframe limit study on others

  • Loading + memory (japhet)

    • Local experiment on discarding DOM while navigating. Should help w/ reducing peak memory usage.

  • Code health

    • yhirano, tyoshino: Cleaning up ExecutionContext::Virtual{URL, CompleteURL}

    • tyoshino: Removing KURL’s ParsedURLStringTag argument

Takashi Toyoshima
Software Engineer, Google
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