Worker status: presentations at BlinkOn8, perf benchmarks for PWA

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Hiroki Nakagawa

Oct 16, 2017, 1:51:25 AM10/16/17
to blink-dev,

Worker team updates (Aug 25 - Oct 6).

  • BlinkOn 8 at Tokyo (Sep 20 - 21)

    • (horo) Service Worker Performance (slides)

    • (kinuko, kenjibaheux) State of Loading (slides)

  • Performance optimization (CPU / memory / power)

    • (yukiy) Enabled internal perf benchmarks for PWAs (doc)

    • (horo) Conducted Omnibox SW Warmup experiment

    • (shimazu) Enabling SW script streaming by default

    • (horo) Implementing off-main-thread-fetch for synchronous requests (bug)

    • (horo) Show the info of V8 cache and ScriptStream in DevTools (CL)

  • Compatibility / Predictability

    • (nhiroki) Upstreamed http/tests/worklet to the WPT repository (CL)

  • Worker / Worklet / Threading infrastructure

    • (nhiroki) Enabled module loading for threaded worklets (bug)

    • (petermayo) Removed CompositorWorker in favor of AnimationWorklet (CL)

    • (nhiroki) Removed abstraction layers for CompositorWorker (bug)

  • Mojofication / Servicification (S13nServiceWorker)

    • (kinuko, emim, horo, falken) Implementing ServiceWorkerSubresourceLoader

    • (kinuko, emim) Implementing ServiceWorkerURLLoaderJob

    • (nhiroki) Implemented ServiceWorkerScriptURLLoader (bug)

    • (falken) Enabled layout tests for S13nServiceWorker

    • (horo) Implementing redirect supports

    • (xiaofeng.zhang) Implementing ServiceWorkerContainer

    • (leon.han) Implementing ServiceWorkerContainerHost

    • (leon.han) Implementing ServiceWorkerRegistrationObject

*Highlights are in bold.


Hiroki Nakagawa (nhiroki), Tokyo, Japan

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