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Alex Komoroske

Mar 17, 2015, 10:41:54 AM3/17/15
DateSenderIntent toDescriptionDecision
3/10/2015Joshua BellRemovewebkit-prefixed IndexedDB globals< LGTM x3; some discussion on how invasive this will be, and interest in how Mozilla's removal goes.
3/11/2015HongchanImplement and shipWebAudio - ChannelMergerNode Static Routing>= LGTM x3
3/11/2015Levi WeintraubImplement(Re)Implement: CSS Custom Properties (Variables)No LGTM necessary, but enthusiasm on thread
3/11/2015Kenji BaheuxShipWeb MIDI>= LGTM x3
3/12/2015Raymond ToyImplement and shipWebAudio: decodeAudioData returns a Promise>= LGTM x3
3/13/2015Mounir LamouriImplement and shipautocapitalize attribute>= LGTM x3; Philip has feedback on iterating the spec before shipping
3/16/2015Philip JägenstedtDeprecate and removeDocument.getOverrideStyle()< LGTM x3
3/17/2015Alan CutterShipUnprefixed CSS Animations< LGTM x3
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