Intent to Implement: NotificationOptions.requireInteraction, and auto-minimize timeout

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John Mellor

Aug 28, 2015, 11:46:20 AM8/28/15
to blink-dev Support for the NotificationOptions.requireInteraction property, letting authors hint that a notification should remain readily available until the user clicks or dismisses it. When requireInteraction is not true, Chrome desktop will start to auto-minimize notifications to the notification center after ~8 seconds (rather than the toast remaining permamently on-screen as happens today). User studies have shown that users find it annoying when notifications remain on-screen, covering up other apps until dismissed. Additionally, we have observed that existing deployments of notifications frequently dismiss them after a short timeout. This feedback was so universal that we've decided to change our default UI behaviour, and we proposed this spec change so those rare sites that prefer the old behaviour can opt back into it.
Firefox: No public signals Edge: No public signals Safari: No public signals Web developers: Strongly positive
We will wait for feedback from at least one of these browsers before sending the intent to ship.
Minor. This hint should help clarify behaviour that previously was entirely UA-specific. No. The property will be supported but ignored in Chrome for Android, since Android requires that notifications are always minimized there (due to the reduced screen area, and the mature notification center). No.
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