PSA on Running WPT on Android

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Rakib Hasan

Aug 27, 2020, 1:39:09 PM8/27/20



We began running WPT tests on Android to test web capabilities in different content embedders in Q4 of last year. The tests are running on  Android builders in FYI. Soon we will be running these tests on the main waterfall. Our main goal is to compare test results between different embedders. We  have created separate test expectation files for each embedder.  Currently these tests are run independently of the main web tests and do not share expectation files.

 For the most part, Blink developers should not need to be aware of these Android-specific expectation files. The exception is that we have a warning-only presubmit check that detects when WPT files have been deleted but there are still Android expectations. If you hit this presubmit when removing or moving WPT tests, you can either update the expectation files in //third_party/blink/web_tests/android, or email for help (or ignore it, but we'd appreciate a heads up!). In the future, there may be further integration of the Android-specific information into TestExpectations - we will reach out again if we expect Blink developers to be impacted. More information on running WPT for Android can be found in this design document.


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Rakib Hasan

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