Intent to Deprecate and Remove: -webkit-appearance:button for arbitrary elements

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Oct 4, 2019, 12:32:45 AM10/4/19
to blink-dev
Changes -webkit-appearance:button to work only with <button> and <input> buttons. If 'button' is specified to non-supported element, the element has the default appearance.
Note that it's stricter than css-ui-4 draft, which allows to apply 'button' to many other element types. We try the stricter set, and will give feedback to css-ui-4.
This is a follow-up of "Intent to Deprecate and Remove: -webkit-appearance keywords for arbitrary elements", which had a concern about dropping -webkit-appearance:button support for elements other than <select> and <a>. This intent has new counter data.

Some of keywords already have such behavior. We should expand it to all keywords for consistency and to reduce implementation complexity.

Chrome will be the first browser implementing the new behavior.
Page view impact would be 0.002% (C1) + 0.0028% (C2).  Affected pages will have elements missing button appearance.

Edge: No signal
Firefox: Supported in private email
Safari: No signal

Alternative implementation suggestion for web developers

Developers needs to make button-like appearance with their own way.

Usage information from UseCounter

This counts pages in which elements other than <button>, <input> buttons, <select>, <a>, and C2 below are painted as -webkit-appearance:button.

PhistucK pointed out Bootstrap had a loose selector to specify -webkit-appearance:button.
This counts pages with such elements other than <button>, <input> buttons, <select>, and <a>.  This behavior change might correct rendering of the counted pages.

Link to entry on the Chrome Platform Status

Requesting approval to remove too?


  M79: Show deprecation messages
  M80: Change the behavior

Software Engineer, Google

Yoav Weiss

Oct 4, 2019, 4:18:26 AM10/4/19
to TAMURA, Kent, blink-dev

Thanks for following up with tighter data! :)

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Philip Jägenstedt

Oct 4, 2019, 9:21:14 AM10/4/19
to Yoav Weiss, TAMURA, Kent, blink-dev
LGTM2, very pleased to see us attempting this with the intention to
give feedback on what the spec should say.
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Chris Harrelson

Oct 4, 2019, 11:43:22 AM10/4/19
to Philip Jägenstedt, Yoav Weiss, TAMURA, Kent, blink-dev
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