Question about scroll restoring and missing docs

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Rubén Hernández

Apr 19, 2023, 2:58:10 PM4/19/23

JS dev here. Was trying to understand what blink does in order to restore the scroll position on back navigation.

I found "restoreScrollPositionAndViewState" here.
Then tried to understand what it does, specially in terms of timing and when it does consider a frame "loaded".

We had a page that was loading a skeleton before some request finished, and it restored the position at what height the skeleton allowed, although the page continued to load for a while afterwards.

Found this doc where there's a missing link to a document which also seems missing from the code. (core/frame/ And some other links to md documents seem to be missing too.

Could I get the doc?
Could I get an overview explanation on what blink does in order to restore the scroll position?

Thank you!


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