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Alan Cutter

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A "launch_handler" app manifest member that enables web apps to customise their launch behaviour across all types of app launch triggers. Example usage: { "name": "Example app", "start_url": "/index.html", "launch_handler": { "route_to": "existing", "navigate_existing_client": "always" } } This will cause all launches of the Example app to focus an existing app window and navigate it (if it exists) instead of always launching a new app window.

Launch handler is a successor to the Declarative Link Capturing API.

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Web apps currently cannot control whether they're launched in a new app window or whether an existing window is reused. This feature helps support web apps that wish to remain in a single window on desktop platforms.

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Interoperability and Compatibility

Low interop risk. Web apps currently operate using the "default" launch_handler behaviour where new windows are opened on desktop and existing clients are navigated on mobile. To ensure forwards compatibility the launch_handler fields will accept lists of values similar to display_override to allow sites to use new values without breaking older browser.

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Is this feature fully tested by web-platform-tests?

No, this feature involves opening/navigating app windows from various OS surface centric app launch triggers.

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