Intent to Remove: Case-insensitive matching for usemap attribute

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14 Nov 2016 23.37.2414/11/16
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"Compatibility caseless" had been applied to usemap attribute matching. The specification was updated so that case-sensitive matching is applied.

For example,
<img usemap="#map1">  <map name="MAP1">...</map>  won't work.

"Compatibility caseless" matching is very complicated, and there were no browsers implementing it correctly.  UseCounter proved such complicated algorithm was unnecessary, and even ASCII case-insensitive matching is unnecessary.

Interoperability risk
Firefox: No public signals
Edge: No public signals
Safari: No public signals
Web developers: No signals

Blink will be the first engine to implement the new behavior.  However, web-platform-tests already has automated tests for the new behavior.

Compatibility risk
According to UseCounters, 0.0002% [1] + [2] of page views will break.

Ongoing technical constraints

Will this feature be supported on all six Blink platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux,
Chrome OS, Android, and Android WebView)?

OWP launch tracking bug

Link to entry on the Chrome Platform Status

Requesting approval to ship?

Software Engineer, Google

Chris Harrelson

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14 Nov 2016 23.38.4714/11/16
kepadaTAMURA, Kent, blink-dev

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Rick Byers

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14 Nov 2016 23.43.3514/11/16
kepadaChris Harrelson, TAMURA, Kent, blink-dev

But given that we're first and usage is non-zero, can we have a deprecation message for at least a milestone?


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15 Nov 2016 00.48.4415/11/16
kepadaRick Byers, Chris Harrelson, blink-dev
ok, let's have a deprecation period.

Philip Jägenstedt

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16 Nov 2016 04.24.3716/11/16
kepadaTAMURA, Kent, Rick Byers, Chris Harrelson, blink-dev
IIUC, no browser already does case-sensitive matching (in HTML documents) here, is that right? lists the bugs that were filed, can you write on all three that this is happening in Blink and that if that makes them nervous, now is the time to say so?

LGTM3, and again I think we should be very quick to revert if there are regressions.


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