Intent to Deprecate and Remove: remove HTMLFrameSetElement’s anonymous getter

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Hwanseung Lee

22 พ.ค. 2561 08:01:5222/5/61
ถึง blink-dev

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remove HTMLFrameSetElement’s anonymous getter which is non-standard.


This non-standard getter was added 13 years ago to fix a compatibility issue

at the time:

but it is not non-standard and nowadays it seems not used.

Interoperability and Compatibility Risk

very low. because this feature is not standard.

it is just legacy code from old webkit.

so webkit and blink have only supported it.

Edge: not supported

Firefox: not supported

Safari: Supported

Alternative implementation suggestion for web developers

this is non-standard. so we don’t need to provide an alternative.

Usage information from UseCounter

we are tracking this when it return non-null value. it is about 0.0001%

Entry on the feature dashboard

Requesting approval to remove too?

Yes. i would like to show a deprecation message before remove it.

could you recommend schedule how long show the message?

Philip Jägenstedt

22 พ.ค. 2561 10:23:2822/5/61
ถึง HwanSeung Lee, blink-dev

The code for this is here:

This is implemented entirely in terms of web-exposed APIs and after some experimenting I think this is the simplest equivalent JS:
function getFrameByName(frameset, name) {
    try {
        return frameset.children.namedItem(name).contentDocument.defaultView;
    } catch (e) {
        return null;

Regarding the deprecation period, let's say just a single cycle, given how rarely used this is.

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Daniel Bratell

22 พ.ค. 2561 11:21:5422/5/61
ถึง HwanSeung Lee, 'Philip Jägenstedt' via blink-dev, Philip Jägenstedt

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