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Alex Komoroske

Feb 3, 2015, 8:40:05 AM2/3/15
DateSenderIntent toDescriptionDecision
10/31/2014Philip JägenstedtRemovehspace/vspace attributes on table< LGTM x3
1/23/2015Vivek GalatageShipCanvasRenderingContext2D 'direction' attributeWaiting on vivek's response
1/27/2015Hayato ItoShipshadow-piercing descendant combinator, '>>>'< LGTM x3
1/29/2015Jens LindströmImplement and shipnon-optional arguments to window.{move,resize}{To,By}< LGTM x3
1/29/2015Kenji BaheuxShipFetch API (global scope)< LGTM x3
1/30/ TouchEvents with properties Touch.tilt and Touch.tiltDirectionContinuing discussion
1/30/2015Raymond ToyImplement and shipWebAudio: Allow user to close an AudioContext explicitly>= LGTM x3
2/2/2015Erik DahlstromRemoveSVGSVGElement.suspendRedraw, unsuspendRedraw[All] and forceRedrawDecided not to pursue since they are no-ops

Red cells require action from API owners. 
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