Proposal: add exception for intent signals for Khronos APIs

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Ken Russell

May 18, 2022, 7:31:58 PMMay 18
Hi Blink API owners,

I'd like to propose adding an exception to the "Signals from other implementations in an intent-to-ship" document:

for Khronos APIs. The motivation for this is specifically WebGL, which has been managed under Khronos' processes for over a decade.

Khronos' working group guidelines are documented here:

The WebGL working group operates under Khronos' rules of unanimous consensus - see Section 9, "Building Consensus and Making Decisions". It has been extremely rare that topics have come to a formal vote. Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla regularly attend the biweekly meetings.

Specification changes that are committed to:

and reflected in:

can be trusted to have been agreed upon - with no objections - from all of these browser vendors.

Thanks for considering this.


Chris Harrelson

May 18, 2022, 7:39:50 PMMay 18
to Ken Russell,
Makes sense to me. I've added this to the list of exceptions in the signals document. Other API owners, please comment if you disagree.

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