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Re: [chromium-dev] Best javascript reference for chrome Mohamed Mansour 1/14/11 6:35 PM

Chrome uses V8 JavaScript Engine, it implements ECMAScript ECMA-262,

For more information regarding V8, you can see their project page For references and syntax, you can always read the standards mentions above.


This should be in the discuss mailing list instead :) or perhaps in the V8 mailing lists.

Kind regards,
Mohamed Mansour

On Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 8:37 PM, CqN <> wrote:
At the suggestion of a googler, I am reposting this here.

A newbie question:  Where is the best javascript reference specifc to
chrome, with available objects, syntax?  Not a tutorial, not
necessarily a manual, but
the complete syntax for easy lookup.  Which version of javascript is
supported on the chromos notebook cr-48?  Is there a subset/
restriction for the javscript used for the extensions?

Cordially, CqN

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