Intent to remove RangeException

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Intent to remove RangeException Erik Arvidsson 5/3/13 1:09 PM

(It isn't clear that this needs an "intent" email but better to err on side of being too clear.)

Primary eng




A RangeException can be thrown when working with DOM ranges. The spec says to throw DOMException instead of RangeException. RangeException no longer exist in any spec (they used to be part of "DOM Level 2 Traversal and Range" spec).


Clean up our surface area as well as increase web compatibility.

Compatibility Risk

Low. Firefox does not have RangeException and throws DOMException as specified.

Apple was in favor of this change but needed to keep their ObjectiveC bindings around:



Row on feature dashboard?

No. Minor change

Requesting approval to ship?



Re: [blink-dev] Intent to remove RangeException Eric Seidel 5/3/13 1:13 PM
LGTM. I don't think we need these emails, but it's still on my todo
list to reply to Max's email on the subject. :)

For trivial features where we're the only engine (other than WebKit)
implementing them, removing them seems obvious.
Re: [blink-dev] Intent to remove RangeException Dimitri Glazkov 5/7/13 12:34 PM
LGTM as well. I also think we should not need LGTMx3 to remove
WebKit-only, low compat risk features.

Re: [blink-dev] Intent to remove RangeException Adam Barth 5/7/13 12:48 PM
LGTM3 for completeness. 6/13/14 5:57 AM <This message has been deleted.>