Announcing the Secure Shell "dev channel", and SecureShell-dev-

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Announcing the Secure Shell "dev channel", and SecureShell-dev- rginda 5/10/12 4:58 PM
Hi folks,

I'm happy to announce that Secure Shell now comes in a "dev" flavor.  If you want to try out the latest fixes or features, and don't mind a bit of a rough ride at times, then this is for you.

The setup is a little different from Chrome's notion of channels.  With Secure Shell, we actually have two apps in the store.  You can install both at the same time, and even *use* them both at the same time.

In order to get access to the dev version, you must be a member of the chromium-hterm mailing list (which you are, if you're getting this mail).  After that, it's as easy as installing "Secure Shell (dev)" from <>.  You won't be able to find the app in the web store search (even if you're a member of chromium-hterm), so keep the direct link handy.  If you're not a member of this list, the link will display something like "The item could not be found.  The owner may have removed it."

You'll notice that the dev version has a completely different icon and slightly different name, in order to make it easy to distinguish from the stable (aka, Beta) version.

Keep in mind that if you have a Chromebook and you install the dev version, then that's what you'll get when you press Ctrl-Alt-T.  If it stops working you can revert back to stable by disabling (or uninstalling) the dev version.

Now, about SecureShell-dev-

* It's got (preliminary) support for key-based authentication!  It needs a lot of polish, but it'll get you logged in.
* It's also got a number of terminal correctness fixes, including the "missing lines at the bottom of the terminal" issue, and "terminal sometimes hangs when printing binary data".

Re: Announcing the Secure Shell "dev channel", and SecureShell-dev- 7/17/12 6:47 AM
Is there still a dev version?  I can't seem to find it by searching in the web store or by following your link.


Re: [chromium-hterm] Re: Announcing the Secure Shell "dev channel", and SecureShell-dev- Robert Ginda 7/17/12 8:15 AM
You need to be signed in to an account that is subscribed to this mailing list in order to use the link.