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New Support Option for Web Store Developers 4/24/17
Dev account blocked after Google failed to correctly identify own policies viktor stolbin 4/25/17
Extensions Ads John Gachina 4/25/17
Get openerTabId from popup of the inactive tab? Criss Anger 4/25/17
a new feacture in DevTools (Chrome 59) is called "capture Full-size screenshots". Can this API called by extensions? Feng Bao 4/24/17
Payments for extension Declined Frederick Kramer 4/24/17
I can't find my extension app by search T.T zomb pumpkin 4/24/17
published extension, after 6-7hrs account suspended. Sanjay Kumar 4/23/17
Chrome extention with google costum search Jan Tichý 4/21/17
XHR(XmlHttpRequest) for google safe browsing APi (chrome extension) AB DZ 4/19/17
Page Action on click pedro rijo 4/18/17
How to use events chrome printerProvider Zeynep 4/18/17
printerProvider api Rima Shah 4/18/17
can i use google safe browsing APi with chrome extension AB DZ 4/18/17
How to contact Chrome extension's dev support staff? yang 4/16/17
How to upload chrome extension for free in Chrome app store? Elite Turtle 4/16/17
My Chrome Extension keeps getting rejected. Why? Raj A 4/14/17
Updated version of my extension is rejected Deepak Gupta 4/14/17
Adding an overlay icon on images Ken W 4/13/17
my extension reject please help .. i understend why ... Ani Wiklauri 4/13/17
pnacl-ld cannot find library heiheshang 4/12/17
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