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New Support Option for Web Store Developers 10/1/16
Can't Pay Initial $5 Chrome Developer Dashboard Fee Kyle Mitofsky 1/23/17
"Compatible with your device" Shown In Non - Compatible device In Chrome Web Store Praveen Kumar 1/23/17
SkipTube Chrome Extension - Auto Skip Youtube auto-play videos Sabri Nuzi 1/19/17
Chrome Apps on Chromebook do NOT work with proxy Ankit Agarwal 1/19/17
Chrome Apps on Chromebook do NOT work with Proxy Ankit Agarwal 1/19/17
Chromebox with External touch panel sandeep 1/18/17
external script Андрей Уланов 1/18/17
Capture error when adding chrome.webRequest.onBeforeRequest.addListener? David Hirmes 1/18/17
Внешний скрипт в Chrome extension Андрей Уланов 1/18/17
WAITING FOR NETWORK CONNECTION (after setting up another Wifi/managed Ethernet) Scott Rocke 1/17/17
Need help in development of a chrome extension Mohammad Amir Hameed Attari 1/14/17
chrome.identity.getAuthToken is undefined Dimu Designs 1/12/17
Account suspended, would like to reactivate, no email? Noah Overcash 1/10/17
Which do you choose Local or Remote JSON. manana 1/8/17
Free/Discount Coupons for a Paid Extension Yoav Kadosh 1/4/17
Weird Statistics PhistucK 1/4/17
Do uninstalls extensions during development count toward Chrome Web Store stats number? Fillr Autofill 1/3/17
how to set badge text for pageActions? Med Potter 1/3/17
Trying to get popup created to load in a frame with chrome extension. Christopher Syroid 1/2/17
Form recovery for Chrome (Lazarus is useless) Jim Hoyle 1/1/17
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