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New Support Option for Web Store Developers 10/1/16
How to read the contents of HTTP POST and GET requess in Chrome extension. John 12/1/16
Unable to upload my extension (An error occurred: please try again later.) Martin Sikora 12/1/16
chrome.webRequest.onBeforeRequest not getting triggered when chrome.exe is launched with --disable-extensions-file-access-check Ashish Shivhare 11/29/16
Detect chromebook change to "sleep" mode James 11/29/16
How to display a saved text from one webpage into a desired textbox of another webpage - Chrome extension Sandesh Mendan 11/29/16
chrome.downloads API inconsistency Wolf War 11/29/16
Account suspended, would like to reactivate, no email? Noah Overcash 11/28/16
google translate extension Antonio lopez banderas 11/26/16
My First Google Chrome Extension Timothy Marshall 11/22/16
When I disable my extension, I can not enable it again. Gilberto Lopes 11/22/16
Pending review vs. frequent extension updates during development Daniel F 11/21/16
Gamepad API in Chrome App Rich Mayfield 11/21/16
when reload browser auto open popup if it is open Thiên Hồ Khắc 11/19/16
Re: [crx] One app removed. Another in Pending Review. How do I remedy this? Antony Sargent 11/18/16
Jineth Rome 11/17/16
opt out Jineth Rome 11/16/16
Editing js source file with extension Draco D. R. 11/16/16
enable microphone content setting for chrome-extension Keith Muenze 11/15/16
Chrome Downloads Bar Theme Benjamin 11/15/16
Pendning Review Chrome Extension Nuha Khaled 11/15/16
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