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New Support Option for Web Store Developers 7/12/15
When Chrome 45 release? Tuấn Trần 8/30/15
Cannot load Facebook SDK for JavaScript v 2.4 in chrome extension Manojit Ghosh 8/30/15
sending a http request and evaluating the response as browser does in a chrome extension jack 8/29/15
Using the Cookies API, how can I determine which tab a cookie was changed on? Chris Casale 8/28/15
Google Chrome Extension draft version Alexander Shtafun 8/28/15
Dear Chrome Webstore Team - My Chrome Developer Account Got Suspended without Reason Robert Nediyakalaparambil 8/27/15
Using Charset iso-8859-1 with native messages Marcos Fogaca 8/27/15
Need: Break down/ drill-down of Chrome User Profile & how Extension data & configs are stored under the User Profile default folder? Ax S 8/27/15
Question about .localstorage file sizes Sean Cassell 8/27/15
Unable to transfer my app to my new account. Steve Bussetti 8/26/15
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sending message from background page to the content script jack 8/26/15
Newbie here! How to simulate keypress(enter) or simulate a click on a button? Patrick Famorca 8/26/15
when content scripts are loaded in a page? jack 8/26/15
Nudity extension google chrome Josip matić 8/26/15
a new instance of content script is loaded in each tab? jack 8/26/15
support inline installation on multiple websites Natan Drozd 8/25/15
sending a http request from chrome extension with custom request headers jack 8/25/15
What is the most rudimentary way to update url of a current tab in chrome sync? Tomas Novella 8/25/15
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