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Stack Overflow developer support Boris Smus 5/17/14
Announcing the activeTab permission in Chrome 26 stable! Peter Ludwig 8/19/13
Need clarification on NPAPI deprecation dates and store behavior Steve Hoek [2020] 9:30 AM
PSA: chrome.runtime.reload and requestUpdateCheck are no longer available to content scripts kalman 8:51 AM
How can I update existing extensions from an accidentally deleted account? Jan Ihmels 4:21 AM
Workaround for access to CWS blocked. Jake Kim 7/9/14
High Number of "Pending Review" issues in Chrome Web Store Joe Marini 7/9/14
Please un-blacklist AdBlock. Michael 7/9/14
replace NPAPI plugin? Tuấn Trần 7/8/14
My extension was suddenly removed from the Chrome Web Store with no explanation Matt Kruse 7/8/14
Where possible, make as much of your code visible in the package as you can. Создатель Расширения 7/8/14
how to suppress iframe load with run_at document_end content script? Cyrus Adkisson 7/7/14
Extension disabled Myriam Abramson 7/7/14
Chrome Extesnion - Change existing Extension ID 7/7/14
how to install a chrome extension with native messaging from webstore liucuan hesh 7/7/14
Chrome extension is not installing through windows registry. Meraj Khan 7/6/14
Moderation Игорь Сергеев 7/5/14
Dosya Günelleme 7/4/14
Determining if an extension was installed through Chrome Web Store or not? Karl Reid 7/4/14
contacts Chris Hoke 7/4/14
can chrome extension write a key to registry? liucuan hesh 7/4/14
Chrome Extensions - Mass Accounts/Extensions Suspension DS 7/3/14
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