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New Support Option for Web Store Developers 2/3/15
dataURI downloads on (internal) download page lead to browser freezing/crash Wolf War 5/2/15
Our TheGoodData extension has been deleted 5/2/15
Resources for Creating an Extension That Scrapes Content from Web Sites? David Mackey 5/2/15
chrome extension stackapp auth 2.0 problem Lu Niu 4/30/15
Trouble with sendMessage from popup.js to content.js Dan Savage 4/29/15
Chrome extension script doesn't work on 2nd page Lee 4/29/15
Do not close context menu after selecting a radio button or checkbox Che Fisher 4/29/15
How to capture fullpage screenshot using chrome extension sakthivel c 4/29/15
help on removed extensions by Google wecite 4/28/15
How often do extensions update themselves? Asad Dhamani 4/28/15
Our Extension Got Taken down for no Obvious Reason Papaly Dev 4/28/15
Extension API for loading an unpacked extension Dato Da 4/28/15
chrome.sockets.tcp.onReceiveError for HTTP connection tarler 4/28/15
Private testing chrome extension error Mike Piccolo 4/27/15
Chrome asks for web DVR client plugin installation but still doesn't work Makis Dounavis 4/26/15
Chrome Extensions shabeena nawaz 4/26/15
draft version pending for publication in the webstore Onno van der Zee 4/26/15
Any method to take advantage of full screen width with Instagram? Maged Samuel 4/26/15
Chrome extension database Leonardo Sedevcic 4/25/15
Set and show PageAction popup at the same time Asad Dhamani 4/25/15
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