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New Support Option for Web Store Developers 10/16/17
Install Extension on Shared Web Hosting Domain Johnny O 8:05 AM
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how the content script communicates with popup.html haiyan gong 10/19/17
Which part of chrome extension is responsible for warning "Read and change all your data on the websites you visit"? Rajan Verma 10/18/17
Extension was rejected, but I can see no problems with it. 10/17/17
Chrome extension didn't transfer to new account 10/16/17
Extension Help? Jake Messing 10/16/17
JJ 洪銘佑 10/16/17
Someone help me? How can I extract links from an web page and display them in another tab ? Sinan TAYLAN 10/15/17
Error 500 when uploading a Chrome extension (.zip) DavidPeres 10/15/17
Exchanges hundreds of mail with but nothing helped linkedroid Services 10/14/17
500 Internal Server Error in developer dashboard; cannot edit extension Vinod Chandru 10/14/17
inline installation not working for extension - tried everything Krisztián Dobó 10/13/17
Interest in building some extensions as a newbie See Xianyang 10/13/17
How can i extract email id of user without crawling the page? john kei 10/13/17
Install chrome extension from own serwer 10/13/17
hacked 10/12/17
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