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people self regulating this group Dean 5/20/16
Account banned after update 5/18/16
Removal of legitimate app . Tejasvi Rana 5/17/16
Control on Auto update chrome app mayur vijaywargi 5/10/16
Re: [cws-apps] Help! Extension taken down without notice Sean Donelan 5/10/16
My Chrome extension was removed without notice, and no reason. Cody Fields 5/9/16
Can not find my extension by chrome store search Aaron Liu 5/6/16
Chrome App fails after triggering UAC prompt on Windows Michael (Ning) Tang 5/5/16
how to using socket api in hosted app of NaCl 정한구 5/2/16
"Something went wrong when we tried to publish. Google has been notified." Forky TheForklift 5/2/16
Extension status stuck at "Publishing in Progress" for OVER 24 hours Kyle Asaff 5/1/16
"Publishing in Progress" for over 12 hours Kyle Asaff 5/1/16
In-app purchase doesn't work any more Imskull 4/30/16
Chrome Extension taking long to publish Alain Ekambi 4/29/16
Kiosk App - Field focus Randy Pugh 4/27/16
Smart History Classifier Suraj G 4/25/16
Extension desapeared from the category view Алексей 4/24/16
Re: [cws-apps] How long before a new app is published? Paul Canning 4/22/16
I unpublish my extension by mistake, how could I republish it in the same location? Xinyu Zhang 4/22/16
Removal of Extension due to multiple uses policy voilation Alex Kornel 4/22/16
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