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DevTools: bring ContentProvider::contentEncoded() back in a non-breaking manner, migrate some of the call sites. [chromium/src : master] Pavel Feldman (Gerrit) 10:24 AM
Split out platform-specific webexposed tests. [chromium/src : master] Paul Meyer (Gerrit) 8:54 AM
[LayoutNG] Introduce LayoutNGMixin in preparation for LayoutNGTableCell. [chromium/src : master] Karl Anders Øygard (Gerrit) 8:39 AM
DevTools: deprecate Save action in favor of the overrides, prepare code for 'Save for overrides' action. [chromium/src : master] Pavel Feldman (Gerrit) 8:34 AM
Concreteconcept Beton architektoniczny Concreteconcept 7:32 AM
[ServiceWorker] Make ServiceWorkerRegistrationObjectInfo embed sw object infos [chromium/src : master] Han Leon (Gerrit) 6:51 AM
Last(!!!!) step of many to porting blink CSP tests to WPT [chromium/src : master] Andy Paicu (Gerrit) 1:26 AM
Fifth step of many to porting blink CSP tests to WPT [chromium/src : master] Andy Paicu (Gerrit) 1:25 AM
DevTools: automatic console message grouping changes: [chromium/src : master] Pavel Feldman (Gerrit) 10/21/17
Always use per-frame / per-context URLLoaderFactory via WebURLLoaderFactory [chromium/src : master] Kinuko Yasuda (Gerrit) 10/21/17
Implement recursive scrolling of rect into view for OOPIFs [chromium/src : master] Ehsan Karamad (Gerrit) 10/21/17
[root layer scrolls] Fix printing [chromium/src : master] Stefan Zager (Gerrit) 10/21/17
[DevTools] better errors for Target.sendMessageToTarget [chromium/src : master] Aleksey Kozyatinskiy (Gerrit) 10/21/17
Revert implementing Lazy Parsing for Pseudo attributes (before/after) [chromium/src : master] nainar (Gerrit) 10/21/17
DevTools: auto-group console messages [chromium/src : master] Erik Luo (Gerrit) 10/21/17
Shape Detection: update text detection-related link URLs [chromium/src : master] Commit Bot (Gerrit) 10/21/17
[devtools] Also update emulation if viewport scale changes. [chromium/src : master] Eric Seckler (Gerrit) 10/21/17
[headless] Add main_frame_content_changed param to BeginFrame result. [chromium/src : master] Eric Seckler (Gerrit) 10/21/17
DevTools: Instantly rescale Perfmon chart on start up. [chromium/src : master] Alexei Filippov (Gerrit) 10/21/17
Enable PreloadDefaultIsMetadata by default. [chromium/src : master] apacible (Gerrit) 10/21/17
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