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Use early-return style in PositionAlgorithm<Strategy>::computeInlineBoxPosition() (issue 1259243008 by 2:06 AM
Make VisiblePosition::characterAfter() not to use Position::containerText() (issue 1259243007 by 2:06 AM
Make PositionAlgorithm<Strategy>::next() to use Strategy::index() (issue 1263033003 by 2:05 AM
Need to check for positional rules on parent with style change. (issue 1264573004 by 2:02 AM
[Oilpan] Migrate classes under module/webgl onto oilpan heap (issue 1234883002 by 2:00 AM
Reserve capacity API for hash table based containers (issue 1268893003 by 1:51 AM
PopupMenuImpl should get menu items via PopupMenuClient. (issue 1267113002 by 1:50 AM
Remove redundant spaces in WebGLFramebuffer.cpp (issue 1267093003 by 1:46 AM
Remove redundant spaces in WebGLRenderingContextBase (issue 1258843005 by 1:45 AM
Re: Have ScriptPromiseResolver on the Oilpan heap always. (issue 1233173002 by 1:43 AM
Service Worker: (Re-commit) Make ServiceWorkerRegistration.update() return a promise. (Blink 1/3) (issue 1260833003 by 1:42 AM
Make startOfParagraph() not to use Position::deprecatedEditingOffset() (issue 1258313006 by 1:38 AM
Make DeleteSelectionCommand not to use Position::deprecatedEditingOffset() (issue 1265123002 by 1:33 AM
Make ApplyStyleCommand not to use Position::deprecatedEditingOffset() (issue 1259283003 by 1:30 AM
Invalidate cross-thread persistents on heap termination. (issue 1265103003 by 1:30 AM
Untemplatize PositionAlgorithm<Strategy>::rendersInDifferentPosition() (issue 1270023002 by 1:27 AM
Reland "Change fallback font collection in HarfBuzzShaper" (issue 1244973003 by 1:20 AM
Make nextLinePosition() not to use Position::deprecatedEditingOffset() (issue 1259803008 by 1:19 AM
Make startPositionForLine() not to use Position::deprecatedEditingOffset() (issue 1261843005 by 1:18 AM
Add hiroshige@ as a modules/fetch OWNER (issue 1258413003 by 1:13 AM
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