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Remove lingering -webkit-svg-shadow tests (issue 1387823003 by 8:45 AM
Re: [bindings] add support for integer-indexed @@iterator (issue 1381413003 by 8:32 AM
Add WTFString::toUTF8() method (issue 1382583002 by 8:30 AM
Use DOMSettableTokenList for {HTMLAnchorElement, HTMLAreaElement}.ping. (issue 1377163002 by 8:30 AM
Fixed expando-loss.html test. (issue 1387743002 by 8:16 AM
Consume whitespace at start of calc subexpression (issue 1368213004 by 8:14 AM
Fixing performance issue of creating imagebitmap from ImageData (issue 1382883002 by 7:21 AM
Create PaintChunk and begin writing code to build paint chunks. (issue 1379883003 by 7:12 AM
Preserve monotonic timestamp when converting from Core -> Web Input Event (issue 1369333009 by 7:01 AM
Refactor "track options" to be a dictionary. (issue 1318393002 by 6:49 AM
[DevTools] Show a explanation when all resources in the page have been requested securely (no-mixed… (issue 1383503003 by 6:37 AM
Find a better place for setting Layout/Paint hook related flags. (issue 1380363005 by 6:11 AM
Re: [css-grid] Implement grid gutters (issue 1309513008 by Christian 5:47 AM
Add missing ZWNJ to complex-joining-using-gpos.html (issue 1373473002 by 3:50 AM
input[type=text]: Add a workaround to fix vertical position of Noto Sans CJK 1.004. (issue 1387783003 by 3:21 AM
Determine used fonts based on the correct font path (issue 1379473005 by 3:10 AM
collect idls and organize interface node (issue 1376673003 by 3:03 AM
AtomicStringTable should not be initialized lazily (issue 1370113006 by 2:59 AM
Adds WTF::ScopedLogger, a logger that shows nested calls by indenting. (issue 1379443002 by Steve Kobes 2:52 AM
Range.intersectsNode() does not behave according to the specification. (issue 1364683003 by 2:41 AM
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