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Re: Fix the range returned by findFirstMisspelling (issue 908303002 by 4:51 AM
Oilpan: Rename weak callback related methods (issue 1149943003 by 4:43 AM
Re: Improve string::append performance by use of StringBuilder (issue 1134463004 by 4:41 AM
Can't open <select> popup with an <option> text including "</script>". (issue 1151153004 by 4:41 AM
Make Attr.value/nodeValue/textContent not nullable (issue 1146393003 by 4:37 AM
WebIDL to C++ values mapping correction (issue 1129663004 by 4:37 AM
Fix Test case crash for WebRTCPeerConnection. (issue 1152123002 by 4:35 AM
Revert of Fix issue of localDescription and remoteDescription getter. (issue 1152173003 by 4:14 AM
Re: Fix issue of localDescription and remoteDescription getter. (issue 1010393002 by 4:12 AM
Oilpan: Unpoison orphaned large objects before zapping (issue 1154733002 by 4:12 AM
DevTools: extract updateTarget logic into ElementsSidebarPane (issue 1155533002 by 4:06 AM
[DevTools] Removed DOMAgent.getEventListenerForNode (issue 1149713006 by 3:57 AM
[DevTools] Extracted EventListenersTreeOutline (issue 1144953005 by 3:54 AM
[DevTools] Added window listeners to EventListenersSidebar (issue 1154703005 by 3:52 AM
Tests that Permissions API and requestMidiAccess() are consistent. (issue 1155823002 by Mounir 3:46 AM
Re-enable http/tests/w3c/webperf/submission/Google/HighResolutionTime/worker-dedicated-basic.html (issue 1148633006 by 3:45 AM
Oilpan: Validate pointers stored in Persistent (issue 1146373002 by 3:20 AM
Oilpan: Fix comments on TraceInCollectionTrait<HeapVector/HeapHashTable> (issue 1154433002 by 3:19 AM
Merge 193326 "Revert of Add helper to validate JPEG decode subsa..." (issue 1152183003 by 3:13 AM
Re: Fix comparison between two vectors with different inline capacity (issue 1121743004 by 3:05 AM
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