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Check for integer overflow in allocations. (issue 2957583004 by 6/24/17
[LayoutNG] Add comments about "certain zero-height line boxes" (issue 2953403002 by 6/24/17
Separate specified and effective writing-mode [chromium/src : master] Xianzhu Wang (Gerrit) 6/24/17
Let table rows and sections use the same direction as the table [chromium/src : master] Xianzhu Wang (Gerrit) 6/24/17
Import wpt@b994916eb9b33004a0702af66d58332d2d5c5eaa (manual) [chromium/src : master] Quinten Yearsley (Gerrit) 6/24/17
Re: Rename TaskRunner::RunsTasksOnCurrentThread() in //third_party (issue 2959613002 by 6/24/17
[device-ram] Update the <value> calculations to match the updated spec [chromium/src : master] Fadi Meawad (Gerrit) 6/24/17
Move SerializedScriptValue::received_ into a separate object. [chromium/src : master] Jeremy Roman (Gerrit) 6/24/17
Remove unused functions and macros in ComputedStyle.h [chromium/src : master] Darren Shen (Gerrit) 6/24/17
Remove Layer/LayerImpl's scroll_clip_layer and instead track scrolling bounds [chromium/src : master] Philip Rogers (Gerrit) 6/24/17
New ControlMode property [chromium/src : master] Aaron Leventhal (Gerrit) 6/24/17
Notify RendererScheduler of starting LOADING phase on DidStartProvisionalLoad [chromium/src : master] Taiju Tsuiki (Gerrit) 6/24/17
Allow non-inherited effective writing-mode and direction [chromium/src : master] Xianzhu Wang (Gerrit) 6/24/17
Notify PaintLayer if ScrollsOverflow changed. [chromium/src : master] Chris harrelson (Gerrit) 6/24/17
Refactor to only need to check cull rect changes up to containing transform. [chromium/src : master] Chris harrelson (Gerrit) 6/24/17
D Rachel L Lane 6/24/17
Paint all collapsed borders of a row (or table) as one display item [chromium/src : master] Xianzhu Wang (Gerrit) 6/24/17
Update test expectations, mostly for SPv2 [chromium/src : master] Xianzhu Wang (Gerrit) 6/24/17
color: Replace more instances of ICCProfile with ColorSpace (issue 2954793002 by 6/24/17
Re: Show image placeholders on dimension decode error (issue 2797993007 by 6/24/17
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