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Remove support of non standard 'CSSValueCenter' property value for float element. (issue 1048803002 by 12:32 AM
Web MIDI API: update open() and close() implementation (issue 1041213004 by 12:27 AM
Add svgAttributeChanged function to SVGFEComponentTransferElement class (issue 1046673006 by 12:24 AM
Re: binidngs: Make callInternalFunction return MaybeLocal (issue 1036803002 by 12:20 AM
Timeline: do not cache TimelineView (issue 1043953003 by 12:19 AM
Show LastModified and ResponseTime of ServiceWorker script in DevTools (issue 1048763002 by 12:16 AM
[Fetch] Accessing body stream while body is used should be allowed. (issue 1048753002 by 12:11 AM
Fix some edge cases in inline style cssText serialization (issue 1040713003 by Timothy 12:10 AM
worker: Fix a bad static-cast. (issue 1047953002 by 12:08 AM
PartitionAlloc: Centralize Partition allocators into one place (Part 1) (issue 1041103002 by 12:07 AM
Move core/layout/style to core/style (issue 1045723009 by 12:03 AM
Fire AX notifications on list box options. (issue 1034493005 by 3/30/15
Auto-rebaseline for r192801 (issue 1049623002 by 3/30/15
Devtools Animations: Support multiple frames in the animation timeline (issue 1042143005 by 3/30/15
Oilpan: Add a comment about a GC sequence (issue 1040943007 by 3/30/15
Re: Add "StaleWhileRevalidate" runtime flag. (issue 1031493002 by 3/30/15
Re: [WIP] Devtools Animations: Update transition timing on timeline interaction (issue 993413004 by 3/30/15
Re: Addressing FIXME in WebSocket.idl (issue 871013007 by 3/30/15
Re: Removes direct checking node on AXLayoutObject::determineAccessibilityRole. (issue 1012383002 by 3/30/15
[bindings] Remove XMLHttpRequest CustomConstructor (issue 1040073002 by 3/30/15
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