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Shapedetection module: Blink side implementation (issue 2369693002 by 9:37 AM
Port messages sent by WebIDBFactoryImpl to Mojo. (issue 2370643004 by 9:35 AM
Mojo C++ bindings: make String16 and gfx::Size available in Blink (issue 2379993003 by 9:34 AM
Detach PaintLayerScrollableArea from RootFrameViewport when disposed. (issue 2365173002 by 9:30 AM
DevTools: Add test for SourceCodeDiff (issue 2381953004 by 9:29 AM
Add WebRange test for explicit empty ranges creation. (issue 2385643002 by 9:28 AM
In, only add authentication flag for some commands. (issue 2382233003 by 9:26 AM
[android] Switch the layout test android port to devil. (issue 2381733002 by 9:25 AM
Implement ConstantSourceNode (issue 2134813002 by via 9:24 AM
Document that createObjectURL cannot return null (issue 2382473004 by via 9:17 AM
Re: Save a bitmap copy when advancing to dependent GIF animation frames (issue 2155973002 by 9:07 AM
Revert of Fix scroll chaining for non-descendants of root scroller. (issue 2382913003 by 9:05 AM
Fix scroll chaining for non-descendants of root scroller. (issue 2365793002 by 9:05 AM
Re: Return Resource with LoadError instead of nullptr. (issue 2231523002 by 9:03 AM
Limit scope getter to predefined values (issue 2376593003 by 8:58 AM
Implement OffscreenCanvas Unaccelerated 2d commit() on main thread (issue 2360413002 by Olivia 8:53 AM
Remove unused was_fetched_via_proxy members (issue 2356013002 by 8:52 AM
Support child-based node offsets when retrieving accessible selections (issue 2348823002 by 8:39 AM
[WIP][FeaturePolicy] Initial implementation of Feature Policy (issue 2254533002 by 8:39 AM
Update layout documentation re: coordinate systems and writing mode. (issue 2380933004 by 8:33 AM
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