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Move WebSocketHandleImpl into Blink (issue 2224713002 by 9:05 AM
Repaint when background switches painting from/to scrolling contents layer. (issue 2266103002 by 9:03 AM
In update-w3c-test-expectations, handle failure to fetch results. (issue 2277303003 by 9:02 AM
DevTools: Add test to make sure breakpoints toggled (issue 2272163005 by 9:01 AM
[layoutng] Fix header guard for ng_derived_constraint_space.h (issue 2275363002 by via 8:58 AM
Refactor away PumpTask and remove after wakeup logic (issue 2276353002 by 8:54 AM
[css-grid] Do not recursively call layout during auto repeat computation (issue 2263213002 by 8:53 AM
Added counters for pointer boundary events fired. (issue 2274253002 by 8:53 AM
Framework and tests for WorkerNavigatorBudget (issue 2273743002 by 8:48 AM
Reserve Vector's capacity manually in CachedMetadata (issue 2258743002 by 8:38 AM
Sending an async GET request for doc.written blocked scripts. (issue 2260303002 by 8:37 AM
Deliver change notifications to SourceBuffer track lists. (issue 2263823002 by 8:35 AM
Revert of Fix ImageLoader::m_hasPendingLoadEvent/m_imageComplete in ImageDocument (issue 2278953002 by 8:33 AM
binding: Makes ExceptionState STACK_ALLOCATED(). (issue 2272313003 by 8:31 AM
Rebaseline two failing tests on Win10 (issue 2278683002 by via 8:28 AM
Force events to be non blocking if main thread is unresponsive. (issue 2273703002 by 8:27 AM
Enable the WebUSB Origin Trial. (issue 2274303002 by 8:22 AM
Split RootScrollerController into top-document and child-document classes (issue 2280453002 by 8:21 AM
Added accessibility notification from Blink when spelling mistakes are detected. (issue 2268183006 by via 8:20 AM
Adds DevTools commands for composited area override. (issue 2237433004 by 8:16 AM
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