Blink is the rendering engine used by Chromium.  You can learn more about Blink on our project page.

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Re: [blink-dev] Question about CSS color parsing (was: Question about) Dominic Cooney 5:12 AM
Intent to Implement: Fullscreen Media Orientation Mounir Lamouri 1:28 AM
PSA: Deprecate Blink-in-JS Kentaro Hara 12:59 AM
Save the date: BlinkOn 7 is January 31 - February 1 Dru 12:59 AM
Intent to implement and ship: iframe support for web payments Rouslan Solomakhin 12/5/16
Last week in style and animations Suzy 12/5/16
OOPIF Status, November 17, 2016 Charlie Reis 12/5/16
Intend to ship: Change the default RtcpMuxPolicy to "require". Zhi Huang 12/5/16
Last several weeks in Blink intents Dru 12/5/16
Intent to Implement First Paint Timing Jian Sun 12/5/16
Intent to Implement and Ship: RTCPeerConnection.setConfiguration Taylor Brandstetter 12/5/16
FYI: Out-of-process iframes are now enabled (via --isolate-extensions) Charlie Reis 12/5/16
[blink-dev] Question about CSS <color> values Xida Chen 12/5/16
Intent to Implement: EME: Make navigator.requestMediaKeySystemAccess() spec compliant John Rummell 12/5/16
[blink-dev] Question about Xida Chen 12/5/16
Intent to Ship: Pointer Events Mustaq 12/5/16
New crbug wizard Dru 12/5/16
Intent to Ship: Uncancelable Touch Events During A Fling (intervention) Lan Wei 12/5/16
[blink-dev] This week in chrome canvas team Xida Chen 12/5/16
Blink bug status as of 2016-12-05 Kent Tamura 12/4/16
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