Blink is the rendering engine used by Chromium.  You can learn more about Blink on our project page.

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Intent to ship: auxclick Navid 2:57 PM
Intent to Experiment: WebUSB (Updated) Reilly 2:38 PM
andri saputra 2:37 PM
Chrome OWP Storage weekly - 8/30/16 Dru Knox 2:28 PM
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: Cross-origin top navigation without a user gesture Nate Chapin 11:34 AM
Intent to Implement and Ship: RSA-PSS for TLS David Benjamin 11:16 AM
Mojofying web-platform features Kentaro Hara 10:54 AM
[blink-dev] Intent to ship: Media tracks Sergey Volk 9:57 AM
Intent to Experiment: Web Share on Android Matt Giuca 9:24 AM
Intent to Implement and Ship: Gate JavaScript dialogs on Site Engagement Avi Drissman 9:23 AM
Intent to Implement and Ship: Unprefixed -webkit-image-set Sunil Ratnu 8:51 AM
Intent to Deprecate and Remove SVGViewElement.viewTarget attribute Shanmuga 7:30 AM
Last week in Style and Animations Eddy Mead 12:06 AM
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: Blink-WebKit-only document.createEvent strings Philip Jägenstedt 8/29/16
Layout Tests Crashing on Windows Nektarios Paisios 8/29/16
Layout Team Status - August 29, 2016 Emil A Eklund 8/29/16
Last (2) week(s) in Blink intents Dru 8/29/16
Intent to Implement: Houdini - CSS Properties and Values API Level 1 Timothy Loh 8/29/16
CQ stats for the week of August 22 Paweł 8/29/16
Two outdated Chrome platform statuses Chris Rebert 8/28/16
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