Blink is the rendering engine used by Chromium.  You can learn more about Blink on our project page.

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Intent to Remove: MediaController Philip Jägenstedt 7:46 PM
Intent to Unprefix: font-feature-settings (+ deprecation plan for the -webkit prefixed API) Kenji Baheux 7:46 PM
Intent to implement and ship: Promote SVG’s path attribute to be an animatable property Philip Rogers 4:34 PM
Intent to Ship: Indexed DB "getAll()" and some other V2 APIs Joshua Bell 4:05 PM
Memory team snippet Kentaro Hara 3:55 PM
Intent to implement and ship: 'deviceorientation' event relative by default Boris Smus 3:14 PM
Intent to Deprecate: Shadow-Piercing descendant combinator, '/deep/' (aka '>>>'), and '::shadow' pseudo-element, from the dynamic profile Hayato Ito 1:13 PM
PSA: git-drover is ready Sam 12:15 PM
[Proposal] Allow using base/trace_event from Blink Dan 11:46 AM
Proposal: More aggressive RELEASE_ASSERTs David Bokan 11:25 AM
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: obsolete header values in Fetch API Hiroshige 10:55 AM
LKGR vs Last Known "Fully Tested" Revision? Roberto Perdisci 9:47 AM
Proposal: Allow the use of Mojo from Blink Sam 9:19 AM
PSA: re-enabling checks for third_party/WebKit. Primiano 4:32 AM
Layout Team & Project Warden Status - October 5, 2015 Emil A Eklund 4:05 AM
Style guide for JS code in Blink? Domenic Denicola 3:53 AM
Blink Gardening APAC, October 6 Yoshifumi Inoue 2:08 AM
Rebaseline bot? Dominik Röttsches 12:25 AM
The Blink water cooler - 10/5/15 Dru Knox 10/5/15
Last week in Blink intents Dru Knox 10/5/15
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