Blink is the rendering engine used by Chromium.  You can learn more about Blink on our project page.

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Intent to Implement and Ship: text-decoration skip with values: objects, ink Dominik Röttsches 12:09 AM
Intent to Ship: MediaStream constructor Philip Jägenstedt 12:02 AM
Intent to Ship: Async functions Daniel Ehrenberg 12:01 AM
Larger String Lengths 9/26/16
Last week in style and animations Suzy 9/26/16
Minimalistic Web Browser Using Blink? Xianwen Chen 9/26/16
CQ stats for the week of September 19 Paweł 9/26/16
RFC: merge layout test specific test results types Erik 9/26/16
Blink Infra monthly meeting notes September 2016 Quinten Yearsley 9/26/16 out of date Robert Hogan 9/26/16
PSA: Blink Reformatting this Friday, September 30th Daniel Cheng 9/26/16
Intern to Implement Content Security Policy: Embedded Enforcement Malika Aubakirova 9/26/16
Intent to Experiment: MediaStream Image Capture Owen 9/26/16
Last week in Blink intents Dru 9/26/16
Intent to Ship: MediaDevices devicechange event Guido Urdaneta 9/26/16
Intent to remove window.webkitRequestAnimationFrame, webkitCancelAnimationFrame, webkitCancelRequestAnimationFrame Tanay 9/26/16
LayoutNG Emil A Eklund 9/25/16
Try to implement a demo for WebUSB Fabian Deitelhoff 9/25/16
Platform Architecture Team snippet Kentaro Hara 9/25/16
Blink bug status as of 2016-09-26 Kent Tamura 9/25/16
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