Blink is the rendering engine used by Chromium.  You can learn more about Blink on our project page.

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Intent to Implement: Scroll to CSS selector Bryan McQuade 8:02 PM
[css-contain] Layout containment and absolutely & fixed positioned descendants Manuel Rego 3:05 PM
Platform Architecture Team snippet Kentaro Hara 1:10 PM
Intent to Ship: Page Lifecycle - to enable system initiated Discarding & Freezing Shubhie Panicker 11:17 AM
Intent to remove: sequence version of supportedMethods in PaymentRequest API Jinho Bang 10:47 AM
Intent to ship: <svg> and <foreignObject> will be stacking contexts Chris Harrelson 10:32 AM
Intent to Ship: Accept-CH-Lifetime support for requesting client hints Tarun Bansal 10:28 AM
Intent To Ship: Provide network quality estimates to web servers via Client Hints Tarun Bansal 8:51 AM
Intent to Ship: Reporting and Network Error Logging Douglas Creager 8:51 AM
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: remove HTMLFrameSetElement’s anonymous getter Hwanseung Lee 8:21 AM
Intent to Implement and Ship: Don't allow popups during page unload Avi Drissman 8:02 AM
Intent to Extend Origin Trial: Experimental support for native AEC 7:47 AM
Intent to remove: currencySystem in PaymentRequest API Jinho Bang 5:41 AM
Intent to Implement: TextEncoderStream and TextDecoderStream APIs Adam Rice 2:57 AM
��/�� Blink Code Complexity Survey (complain about what makes working in Blink hard) Jeremy Roman 5/21/18
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: Block cross-origin <a download> Jochen Eisinger 5/21/18
How to get notified when WPT auto-roller disables a test? Łukasz Anforowicz 5/21/18
Blink bug status as of 2018-05-21 Takayoshi Kochi 5/20/18
Intent to Implement: RTCQuicTransport & RTCIceTransport 5/20/18
Intent to Ship: History entry requires user gesture Nate Chapin 5/18/18
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