Blink is the rendering engine used by Chromium.  You can learn more about Blink on our project page.

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Added WebKit/Source/ Kentaro Hara 7:40 AM
Accessing DOM in Source Code Junaid Iqbal 7:08 AM
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: legacy touch event APIs on desktop devices Ella Ge 7:00 AM
Blockers to using web-platform-tests? Philip Jägenstedt 5:37 AM
Intent to Ship: Feature Policy for Autoplay Becca Hughes 1:45 AM
run-webkit-tests doesn't work for me today Xianzhu Wang 12/17/17
Blink bug status as of 2017-12-18 Takayoshi Kochi 12/17/17
Intent to Implement: Unified Touch adjustment Ella Ge 12/15/17
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: SVGPathSeg interfaces Fredrik Söderquist 12/15/17
Re: [chromium-dev] DOM parsing and DOM accessing in source code Thiago Farina 12/15/17
PSA: WTF::Function is gone, but you should still use WTF::Bind or WTF::BindRepeating Yuta Kitamura 12/15/17
PSA: introducing core/script Hiroshige Hayashizaki 12/14/17
Intent To Deprecate and Remove: Remove Content Type Sniffing for Worker Scripts Daniel Vogelheim 12/14/17
Intent to Ship: image decoding attribute Vladimir Levin 12/14/17
Intent to Implement and Ship: Initiating main frame navigations consumes a user gesture Charles Harrison 12/14/17
Intent to Experiment: Disable Hardware Noise Suppression 12/14/17
Intent to deprecate and remove: SharedArrayBuffer.isView Ben Smith 12/14/17
Intent to Ship :any-link Victoria Su 12/13/17
Intent to Remove: user gesture on touch scroll Rick Byers 12/13/17
Last week in Blink intents Dru Knox 12/13/17
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