Blink is the rendering engine used by Chromium.  You can learn more about Blink on our project page.

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Non-PST Gardening report, Thursday August 27 Peter Beverloo 10:32 AM
Intent to Implement And Ship: CSSNamespaceRule Ramya 9:14 AM
Intent to Implement: Presentation API - Receiver API (aka 1UA Mode) Mounir Lamouri 9:01 AM
Intent to Remove: MediaStream.stop() method and MediaStream.label, MediaStream.ended attributes 8:44 AM
Intent to deprecate: SMIL Philip Rogers 7:08 AM
CQ stats for the week of August 17 Paweł 4:44 AM
flakiness (false rejections) on blink CQ Paweł 3:12 AM
A better way to control DOM wrapper reachability Kentaro Hara 12:58 AM
Intent to Ship: Presentation API Stephen 12:52 AM
Intent to Remove: MediaStream.stop() method and MediaStream.label attribute 8/26/15
I want the plugins and extensions removed from my device 8/26/15
Gardener swap this Friday, 8/27 Stefan Zager 8/26/15
PST gardening report 2015-08-26 Mikhail Naganov 8/26/15
PSA: Failed isolate steps due to Google Cloud Storage Incident Andrii Shyshkalov 8/26/15
[blink-dev] Intent to Implement: HTMLCanvasElement toBlob Olivia 8/26/15
Errors building on windows Urvang Joshi 8/26/15
Non-PST Gardening report, Wednesday August 26 Peter Beverloo 8/26/15
Intent to deprecate: Insecure usage of powerful features Joel 8/26/15
Unprefixing WebRTC? PhistucK 8/26/15
(Pre-)Intent to Deprecate: <keygen> element and application/x-x509-*-cert MIME handling Ryan Sleevi 8/26/15
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