Blink is the rendering engine used by Chromium.  You can learn more about Blink on our project page.

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WebIDL method ordering dependency? Raymond Toy 10:07 AM
Intent to deprecate (and then remove) AppCache on insecure origins Joel Weinberger 7/22/16
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: window.external.AddSearchProvider Evan Stade 7/22/16
[PSA] Improvement to Monorail email notifications From-line Jason Robbins 7/22/16
Intent to Implement and Ship: Node.getRootNode(options) Hayato Ito 7/22/16
Intent to deprecate and Remove: currentView, useCurrentView and SVGViewSpec Shanmuga Pandi M 7/22/16
Intent to Implement and Ship: request fullscreen on orientation change Mounir Lamouri 7/21/16
Save the date: BlinkOn 7 is January 31 - February 1 Dru 7/21/16
OOPIF Status, July 20, 2016 Charlie Reis 7/20/16
LayoutNG Emil A Eklund 7/20/16
Intent to Deprecate And Remove: fetches for script tags with invalid type/language attributes Charles 7/20/16
PSA: Sublime Text AutoComplete/Navigation on Linux configuration change Josh Karlin 7/20/16
Re: [blink-dev] HTML/DOM team biweekly snippet (July 4 - July 17) Dominic Cooney 7/20/16
Kill PassRefPtr and use RefPtr&& instead Sasha 7/20/16
Dominic Cooney 7/20/16
[ANN] Moving from Rietveld to Gerrit Andrew Bonventre 7/19/16
Intent to Implement: Content Size Policy (name subject to change) Charles 7/19/16
Chrome OWP Storage weekly status - 7/19/16 Dru Knox 7/19/16
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: insecure TLS version fallback David Benjamin 7/19/16
New email list for Chromium embedders! Avi Drissman 7/19/16
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