Blink is the rendering engine used by Chromium.  You can learn more about Blink on our project page.

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PSA: Enable Oilpan on ToT Kentaro Hara 2/13/16
Intent to deprecate: Insecure usage of powerful features Joel 2/13/16
The Venetian Islands - Miami Beach, FL Chaher Kashlan 2/13/16 Stephen | CREATIVE US INC 2/13/16
Intent to deprecate and remove SPDY/3.1 Bence 2/12/16
Monorail launching on 2/18 Julie Parent 2/12/16
Onion Soup Status - Feb '16 Elliott Sprehn 2/12/16
Intent to Implement and Ship: Basic InputEvent interface Chong 2/12/16
Intent to Implement: Block parser on external CSS Patrick Meenan 2/12/16
Intent to Experiment: Web Bluetooth API Anirudh Mohan 2/12/16
Worker/ServiceWorker Status (Feb 12, 2016) Matt Falkenhagen 2/12/16
Intent to Implement: CSS Snap Size Koji Ishii 2/11/16
Intent to Implement And Ship: CSS pseudo-class :dir() Ramya 2/11/16
Intent to Implement and Ship: Media Source SourceBuffer mode and 'sequence' appendMode support Matt Wolenetz 2/11/16
BUSINESS Juan 2/11/16
Layout Team Status - February 8, 2016 Emil A Eklund 2/11/16
Intent to Ship: Case-insensitive attribute selector matching Fredrik Söderquist 2/11/16
Intent to Implement: border-image spec compliance 2/11/16
Intent to Ship: Rendering pipeline throttling Sami Kyostila 2/11/16
Intent to Ship: Web Animations Level 1 interop Suzy 2/11/16
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