Blink is the rendering engine used by Chromium.  You can learn more about Blink on our project page.

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Loading: Tokyo status updates (Nov 25, 2015) Kinuko Yasuda 7:22 PM
Pure virtual interfaces in blink Web API 6:22 PM
Intent to Implement and Ship: HTMLMediaElement.disableRemotePlayback Mounir Lamouri 5:40 PM
Intent to Ship: Media Stream Recording API Miguel Casas-Sanchez 5:27 PM
Intent to deprecate: Insecure usage of powerful features Joel 4:16 AM
Intent to Remove: Insecure origin usage of geolocation Joel 4:12 AM
Intent to Ship: Background Sync One-Shot Josh Karlin 2:14 AM
Queen Club Eventi Dicembre 2015 - Gennaio 2016 Queen Club 12:22 AM
WebCString vs WebString Emily 11/25/15
blink CQ false rejections for today (Nov 24) exceeded 20% Paweł 11/25/15
Intent to Implement: CSS Containment Levi Weintraub 11/25/15
OOPIF Status, November 25, 2015 Charlie Reis 11/25/15
testing unlaunched flags Steve Kobes 11/25/15
Q4 bug triage health - 11/24/15 Dru Knox 11/25/15
Web Workers: current architecture and potential future project ideas Kinuko Yasuda 11/25/15
Intent to Implement: contextmenu attribute and <menu> 11/25/15
PSA: [TypeChecking=Interface] is now the default for our IDL files Philip Jägenstedt 11/25/15
Intent to deprecate: SMIL Philip Rogers 11/24/15
Intent to Ship: WebGL EXT_disjoint_timer_query extension Kenneth Russell 11/24/15
Branched: M48 is here! (branch 2564) Tina 11/24/15
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