Blink is the rendering engine used by Chromium.  You can learn more about Blink on our project page.

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Moving //third_party/WebKit to //web Kent Tamura 4/25/17
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: Block cross-origin <a download> Jochen Eisinger 4/25/17
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: `SiteBoundCredential` from Credential Manager API Jan Wilken 4/25/17
Intent to implement and ship: Add request identifier to PaymentDetailsInit Rob Buis 4/25/17
Looking for jumbo build beta testers Daniel Bratell 4/25/17
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: Trust in existing Symantec-issued Certificates Ryan Sleevi 4/25/17
Intent to implement and ship: lowercase header names in XHR.getAllResponseHeaders() Raphael Kubo Da Costa 4/25/17
Intent to Ship: Geometry Interfaces 4/25/17
Toggling RuntimeEnabledFeatures in LayoutTests Dominic Mazzoni 4/25/17
Compile time increase over time Daniel Bratell 4/25/17
Windows build stripping symbols not used in core/ even when exported? Mounir Lamouri 4/25/17
Intent to Deprecate: getMatchedCSSRules() Philip Jägenstedt 4/25/17
LDPE Bales and Flakes for sale DFox 4/24/17
Interventions: updates since 4/18/2017 Kenji Baheux 4/24/17
Intent to Ship: InputEvent Chong 4/24/17
Intent to Implement and Ship: Add informative MediaError.message field Matthew Wolenetz 4/24/17
Reproduce ClusterFuzz crashes on Linux workstation painlessly [Beta] Tanin Na Nakorn 4/24/17
Blink webaudio layout tests suddenly timing out today Raymond Toy 4/24/17
Platform Architecture Team snippet Kentaro Hara 4/24/17
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: Insecure origin usage of Notifications Emily Schechter 4/24/17
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