Blink is the rendering engine used by Chromium.  You can learn more about Blink on our project page.

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Intent to Deprecate: PushSubscription.subscriptionId Peter Beverloo 8:00 AM
Intent to implement and ship: AudioBufferSourceNode.detune Hongchan 7:24 AM
PST Blink Gardening report 2015/04/24 Kenneth Russell 4/24/15
Intent to Implement: Shared Array Buffers Ben Smith 4/24/15
Intent to Implement: Navigation Transitions Tony Gentilcore 4/24/15
Re: [chromium-discuss] 42 Chrome broke our dropdown menus PhistucK 4/24/15
ScriptWrappable, GarbageCollected and diamong problem Giovanni 4/23/15
APAC Blink gardener swap 5/8 and 5/11 Yoshifumi Inoue 4/23/15
Intent to Deprecate: SHA-1 certificates Ryan Sleevi 4/23/15
Gardening report April 23 PST Kenneth Russell 4/23/15
PST gardening swap for May 19-20 Jeremy Roman 4/23/15
Blink gardening calendar extended Ryan Schoen 4/23/15
APAC Blink gardening report 2015/04/23 AEST Alan Cutter 4/23/15
Intent to Deprecate: -webkit-canvas and Document.getCSSCanvasContext Chris Harrelson 4/22/15
Intent to Implement and Ship: Push userVisible and hasPermission() Peter Beverloo 4/22/15
PSA: depot_tools is switching to OAuth2 to talk to Rietveld Vadim Shtayura 4/22/15
New interpretation of CSS animation shorthand 4/22/15
Layout Team & Project Warden Status - April 20, 2015 Emil A Eklund 4/22/15
APAC Blink gardening report 2015/04/22 AEST Alan Cutter 4/22/15
Non-PST gardening swap needed for April 22 & 23 Renée Wright 4/21/15
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