Blink is the rendering engine used by Chromium.  You can learn more about Blink on our project page.

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Blink bug status as of 2017-01-23 Kent Tamura 4:10 PM
Design doc for comment: Per-page CSS Animation UseCounters Suzy 3:35 PM
Intent to Deprecate: Shadow-Piercing descendant combinator, '/deep/' (aka '>>>'), and '::shadow' pseudo-element, from the dynamic profile Hayato Ito 1/21/17
Intent to implement and Ship: Shoutcast support Matthew Menke 1/21/17
Intent to Implement and Ship: display:flow-root Robert Hogan 1/20/17
Intent to Continue Experimenting: WebUSB Reilly 1/20/17
Intent to implement and ship: MediaStreamTrack.getSettings() Harald Alvestrand 1/20/17
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: HTTP/0.9 Support Matthew Menke 1/20/17
Layout tests & changes to navigation Camille 1/20/17
BlinkOn7: Propose and vote on unconference topics! Dimitri Glazkov 1/20/17
Intent to Ship: Child-indexed pseudo-classes matching elements without a parent. Emilio Cobos Álvarez 1/20/17
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: Prerender Matthew Cary 1/20/17
Intent to Ship: Expensive Background Timer Throttling Alexander 1/20/17
PSA: Enabling Oilpan GC per thread heap for Compositor Worker Keishi 1/20/17
Intent to Ship: CSS line-height-step property Koji Ishii 1/19/17
WTF docs Andrew 1/19/17
Intent to Deprecate and Remove : Remove Non-standard APIs on MediaStreamTrack. 박열 1/19/17
Edge support for GamepadAPI is "shipped" not "in development" 1/19/17
OOPIF Status - On track to launch --isolate-extensions in M56 Stable Charlie Reis 1/19/17
Intent to Remove: WebAudio AudioSourceNode interface Raymond Toy 1/19/17
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